Decorations for a Merry Christmas

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Hi everyone! Are you celebrating Christmas? Are you having a wonderful time with friends and family?


In the holiday spirit, I'd love to share some photos of Christmas decorations from around Manhattan.

Winter Garden at Brookfield Place





Westfield World Trade Center


Bergdorf Goodman window display


Winter Village at Bryant Park


Saint Patrick's Cathedral



Inside the Cathedral, the security guard was checking a lady's bag.


A man was having lunch next to Christmas trees.

Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel


The Plaza Hotel


Trump Tower


The Solow Building


40 West 57th Street



Just a silly picture of us in Times Square.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.



New York looks like a great place!

Yes, if you just look at the bright side 😉.

I definitely know what you're talking about. There's gotta be both good things and bad!

It must be a wonderful place to live, and I always wanted to see Times-Square. It's so iconic!

Hi friend. Wish you a very happy new year :)
Amazing clicks and wonderful decorations all around. Even I had been to NY during Christmas.

Thanks so much, my friend! Happy new year to you too 😊. Glad I went out before this extreme cold weather. The East River is frozen now. Thanks for stopping by 😉.

True :) This is extreme weather. It seems US is seeing such an extreme weather after 130 years.

Hi 😁✋merry xmas and happy new year ♥

Happy new year, Miho 😘!

Hi! Nice photos! That’s why I have to see them again.
Why are there so many bicycles in front of Trump Tower?
Hope you are keeping warm and having a great time!

Hey there! Those are rental bicycles in front of the Plaza hotel for tourists. Sorry I changed my caption style by accident, my bad 😁. Have a great day and happy new year, my friend 😉.

very nice post! and i love the hat! :D

Thanks, my friend! 😉

Whatsupp @dewdrop long time no see, for couple time I visited your blog but nothing new until I found you in my blog, thanks, where you have been?. Merry christmas for you and all of you family.

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog while I'm not here. I've been home, just lazy 😄. Merry Christmas and happy new year 😉.

Lazy is one reason to take a rest, LOL. Ok! nice to see you come back in here. happy new year.

😄 Thanks!

Wow! Beautiful shots!
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You're so nice. Thanks so much, Chelsea! 😊

Beautiful New York.
I didn't think New York was this beautiful. Now I really want to go and see it.
Thanks for sharing, and glad you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a happy New Year 2018 my friend.

Thanks, lovely Joanna! 😍 So happy you found it beautiful 😄. Happy New Year to you and your family too, my friend. By the way, your boys are so big. You're such a beautiful mama 😉.

I know, my boys are so big, I don't know where the time went. It makes me sad.
Thank you so much for the really nice compliment.

Very cool architecture and you caught it superbly!

Thanks so much, Paul! 😉

:::☆Merry Christmas☆:::

Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend 😊.

Merry Xmas from Holland !

Merry Christmas, my friend 😊!

Excellent choice of good photos !!!


Thanks Teddy 😊!

That place is awesome! Loved your pics :)

Thanks, Gabriela 😉! Nice to meet you 😊!

Nice to meet you too! 😀

awesome post thanks for sharing
i hope u upvote me @dewdrop

Merry Christmas beautiful.

Happy holidays Dew, nice shots. I like your hat and the shot of the blue rental bikes in front of the hotel. SF and the bay area is starting to have more rental bikes.

Thanks Glenn 😉! I usually don't wear hat but it was freezing on that day (not inside though 😄). You're expert at biking but I'm too short to ride them 😄. Happy Holidays!

Great pictures and Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Brian! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, my friend. 😊

Hi! Please keep very warm!the news about the wintry wind in the USA sounds very disconcerting to me!

Hey! Thanks! 😍 I'm stuck inside because it's too cold outside and I'm still sick. I feel better now 😉.

Glad to hear that you are feeling better now! Perhaps you should investigate some yoga posture to strengthen your body a bit! Some stretching exercise will increase your chi!

Please take care! The weather is really unstable.


Thanks so much, my friend. Love you!

Hey! you are still coughing! That isn't good, your body must be quite painful from all the vibrations. Please take extra Vitamin C and B (because you are not sleeping properly), Cucumin is also very good for inflammation as it will help with healing process.

Drink a lot of weak Earl Grey tea as it has beneficial spices.

Please take care!

Yeah! I'm still coughing. Thanks, my friend. I will do. Love you!

Merry Christmas to you too dewdrop.😄🎄

Thanks, Chef !😊

Wow excellent photography. it is really look
Wish your happy Christmas and family

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and family too 😊.

merry christmas :)

Merry Christmas 😉

Wow! Awesome Best wishes for you Dear @dewdrop

Thanks! You too 😊.

Awesome Dear @dewdrop liked it very much,Keep the good work up.

Thanks so much 😊

The pics are gorgeous dewdrop. You and your son looks so happy :) Merry Christmas ! :)

Thanks, my friend! Merry Christmas! 😊

Wish you and your family a Merry Xmas @dewdrop
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Thanks so much! Merry Christmas 😊!

Great pictures of the city for all to enjoy.

Thanks Mike! 😉

Just to say Merry Christmas again!
Lovely photos! It’s looking cold.
Never try ice skating before!
Spider-Man is a bit too fat!


Thanks, my friend! Yup, that's real life Spider Man 😄. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas all the best wishes to you @dewdrop

Thanks! Merry Christmas 😊

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Thank you

You're very welcome 😊!

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