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Hi everyone! This is a picture of my son before going to school. I just wanted to try out Steepshot 😊.

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Hey dewdrop! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and appreciating my post. You have awesome content, and this one in particular is very sweet ^^ Looking forward to see more from you.
All the best :)

You're very welcome. Thank you! Nice to meet you Aiuli !😊


ooops i missed this one.. look more like dad? I can see a bit of you.

You were busy. Looks in between. His eyes were blue like daddy when he was born but changed to brown like mine now. People told me to make one more but I couldn't see myself going through all that again. How about yours? Looks like you or Yen?

dont' know yet.. gota wait and see.. thinking more like me...

ayyy is really beautiful, I love his hair, God take care of him and give him many blessings, greetings from Venezuela

That's so nice of you. Thanks so much! Nice to meet you @yelitzarojas 😊.

Sweet boy, of course he is very smart at school

Aww.... Thanks Ades! I think all kids are smart nowadays 😊.

He is so handsome and eager. May be a smart and good child, devoted to both parents and beneficial to the nation and country.

Thanks, my friend.

waw a handsome and handsome, thanks friends have voted in my post, thank you very much

Thanks! You're very welcome 😊!

thanks again, let's help @dewdrop

I will follow you

Great !😊

ok friends 😊

@dewdrop Thanks much for visiting my blog and give aprisiasi to my posts.

You're very welcome 😊!

Handsome little chap. Loved his hair style.

Hey! Thanks 😉!

Awesome & very cute Dear @dewdrop God Bless him with the all happiness in life.

You're very nice Altafnoor. Thanks so much! Nice to meet you 😊.

Thanks & My pleasure Dear @dewdrop

your son looks like a 12 or 13th yr old? how i wish my son allows me take his photo with a smile :)

He's just 5 😄. How old is yours? I took about 50 pics to get 1 good one and I was a clown in the process 😄.

my youngest aaron was born 2005. when he was around 4yrs old he so willing to have a picture taken. then best model :) i will try to post some of his photo soon. will try to find them. now he's going 13. he not like me taking his photo. :( even if i wear a clown suits. hehehe

Great! I'd love to see them. They're changing so fast, aren't they? It's still fun to take pictures of his grumpy face 😄. Someday he'll appreciate it 😉.

looks like a bruce wayne !

Which one? Christian Bale? Hahaha

AHAHA. maybe the child actor for those series of movies.

Sounds good! Hahaha

Cute kiddo!

Thanks, Jessica!

like me,,, handsome your boys,,, hahaha lol

Nice click and he is looking same like you

Thanks so much 😊.

awesome photo!!

Thanks! 😊

Handsome little guy you have there @dewdrop.

Thanks Joanna 😉!

Steep shot is easiest way to steemit. Keep it up

Haha so cute! I remember me to my brother, I hope there is go very good, regards from Venezuela .. I Follow you @dewdrop

Thanks 😉! Nice to meet you @nohelygarrido 😊.

Adorable Dear @dewdrop

Thanks Nisarub 😊!

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Thanks, Chelsea 😊!

Awe what a sweetheart Dewdrop. He is very handsome <3

Aww... Thanks so much, my friend 😊.

Nice shot.

Did you use your posting key, or do they make you use owner?

Thanks, Paul. I did. Just the posting key, it was very simple.

@dewdrop What a handsome boy.. he has gentle eyes

Thanks so much Marglys 😊.

a really handsom boy god bless him

Thanks so much 😊!

Wow excellent
Thanks @dewdrop
Have a great day

Thanks, Goldcoin!

Excellent camera shots and nice photography
100% like and resteem

That's very nice of you. Thanks so much 😊.

@dewdrop love this photo.. the sweater is awesome!!

Aww..Thank you 😊.

Wow ... how beautiful ... impressed with the brightness of your eyes ... It transmits happiness.

Thanks very much, Lizjim 😊.

what beautiful hair, your son its beautiful!

Thanks 😊

he is handsome boy

Thanks !😊

How did he like school?

He doesn't like to do what the teacher says. He told her "I do what I want" 😁.

I can open it now! Very cute and handsome young boy! He will break many girls’ hearts when he is grown up!

Good! Thanks 😉! Oh no, I hope not.

Don’t worry! I think that you’ll be able to guide him on the ways of the world!

Thanks, my friend 😊!

lovely sweet boy

Thanks, Yassmine 😉!

/@dewdrop wow have a nice day

Thanks! You too 😊

Handsome ❤️

Thanks 😊!

cute baby..dear your sweet...thanks for sharing...

Thanks so much! 😊

hey..i am new here dear i need your support .i know you are busy person..but get time.please visit my site also...bye take care..dear...

I cannot open the app. I would like to try this too!

Oh my word he is cute! and awesome cant wait to try out steepshot! great photo

Hey! Thanks Joe!

Steepshot are pretty good to post photography, it's very simple. I've been twice try this app for a long time ago and someday I'll use again. Have a nice day @dewdrop.

Thanks! You too, Coinfarmer! I like it but prefer to seperate steepshot posts from steemit posts 😊.

Good idea. Let me know when you make a new post.

A very lovely image. He is adorable and cute.

Thanks, Chasbowie! 😊

You are welcome

Beautiful shot and expressions on face

Thanks so much! 😊

so cute boy...:-), thank you for visiting my blog and give an appreciation for my post ..

Thanks! You're welcome! 😊

A very beautiful child, I wish God to take care of him

That's very nice of you. Thank you so much, Gagago! 😊

So happy to meet you 😊

hey dewdrop pls visit my blog you are so awesome thanks regards

NEW to Steemit can you tell me what is steepshot ??
Nice pic :)

It's a photo sharing app like instagram using steem blockchain.
Help vote our friends. And help critics what is wrong in our post friends

He is so handsome and eager. May be a smart and good child, devoted to both parents and beneficial to the nation and country.

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