Taking my son to the American Museum of Natural History

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America Museum of Natural History_27.jpg

A trip to a museum can be an exciting adventure for a little kid. Located in Central Park West, Manhattan New York, the American Museum of Natural History occupies 4 city blocks between 77th and 81st Street. There are so many things to see and do, you can easily spend the whole day there if you want.

America Museum of Natural History_1.jpg
77th Street exit

" THE AMERICAN MVSEVM OF NATVRAL HISTORY - FOVNDED 1869". English from back in 1869? 😄

America Museum of Natural History_2.jpg

The happy boy made people around him happy too 😄.

America Museum of Natural History_3.jpg

Central Park West at 79th Street Entrance/Exit

America Museum of Natural History_4.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_5.jpg

The ticket line was long. It's better to buy online in advance.

Animal Halls

America Museum of Natural History_14.jpg

There are 45 permanent halls, 4 shops, 3 cafes, a restaurant and a movie theater in this museum.

America Museum of Natural History_15.jpg

It was dark and I was watching the boy and taking pictures at the same time 😊.

America Museum of Natural History_17.jpg

I used my camera's flash for this one.

America Museum of Natural History_6.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_7.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_8.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_9.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_10.jpg

These models look real because they were made using the actual skin, teeth, and bones of real animals.

America Museum of Natural History_11.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_12.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_13.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_18.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_19.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_20.jpg

They are all interesting to me so I share them all with you.

America Museum of Natural History_21.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_22.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_23.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_24.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_28.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_29.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_30.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_31.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_32.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_33.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_34.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_35.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_36.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_37.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_38.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_39.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_40.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_41.jpg

Earth and Space Hall

America Museum of Natural History_25.jpg

America Museum of Natural History_26.jpg

Thanks so much for your time, my friends.
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Those artworks are amazing... Great day out...

Hey! Thanks for your advice so that I've done something today. Hehe

ahahahah, yeah i noticed you haven't blogged for 7 days... I think you can pretty much talk about anything here on steemit. I think in social media, you don't have to be niche, unless you already have a brand or trying to grow a brand. Your followers maybe all over the place though.. Keep it up..

Thanks! Yeah! I like pictures and took so many of them. Why not sharing right? 😁

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My pleasure 😊

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That must have been a Wonderful Day spent together with your Son. The animals do realy look they are still alive. Good museum in this big town

Yes! You're right my friend 😊.

Great art! Great history! A great day! And great photos!

Keep it great.

Aww... Thanks so much 😊

Hello dew, another great post fron NY thanks for shearing :)

Hi there! Thanks! The fish head you held was sooooo biigg 😄.

This post is competing with your post which has the aquarium! How I wish I had the chance to somed two days in this museum!! Your son must have been thrilled!
By the way, your photowithbhim, I thought an older sister was taking a small brother on a day outing!! Your have very similar color scheme and outfit of the day! Both look very skinny and small with young Asian faces.

There should be more photos! I like the mountain goats and ibexes very much. They can climb the rocks and sheer mountains effortlessly.

Thanks for sharing these photos (I desire more!) ;))


Hey! I love you 😍. Thanks for being a great friend. It's awesome you noticed all the details 😄. We had a good day going there.
I'm short and he's tall so.... Thanks😉! So happy you enjoyed the photos. You're right I'm working on the next post so you will see more photos soon. Love you! Have a good night!

the museum is very nice to tour about especially history.

Yes! So you've been here before 😊.

Very nice! did he like it? :P

Hey! Thanks 😉! He did. But because of watching and chasing him, I couldn't read anything. Hehe

Greta shots and post, I have walked by it so many times but have never been in there , I must take some time to go check it out soon

Thanks! That's a good idea. There are so many things to do and we just don't feel like to do it . I'll check out the movie theater next time I think😊.

I havent been to a movie theater for years either mainly due to wifes health we watch movies at home these days :)

We like to watch movies at home too, just to avoid the traffic and crowded movie theaters 😊.

yes that is two big benefits ;)

Wow wonderful photography.
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That's very nice of you. Thanks so much 😊

done all

excellent concept and very good post :)

Thanks Petrichor 😊

Great travel experience.this excellent photography and nice place.
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Hey! That's very nice of you. Thanks so much @shavishtha 😊

HIThe pictures clicked by you are so real and well taken they dsnt seem to be picture and give perfect experience! Upvoted and followed you too !

Please check my latest post i went scuba diving in thailand ! ;)


Hey! Thanks, Sakpoo! Your post is really cool! Let me know when you have another post like that 😉. I'd be happy to vote for you again 😊. Have a good day!

What a great adventure to share with your son! :)

Thanks, Deborah :). It was fun!

oh i wish i could visit places like that when i was a kid))

Aww... me too 😄

That is an awesome experience. Great shots!

Thanks, Paul 😊! So happy you like them.

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great shots and post, I have walked by it so many times but have never been in there , I must take some time to go check it out soon