Walks of Manhattan

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Noisy, crowded, and exciting. You can always find a way to spend your energy here in Manhattan.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central New York_111.jpg

Even though we've been together for many years, my husband still sits down to take my picture in front of people. I couldn't stop smiling. Happy wife, happy life! 😄

Central Park Fall

Central Park Manhattan_5601.jpg

Yes, it was cold. Wearing a coat wasn't warm enough for me. I needed gloves and scarf.

Central Park Manhattan_5612.jpg

Central Park Manhattan_5614.jpg

There was a woman taking picture of herself. I walked over and helped her out 😁.

Central Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo_111.jpg

People were watching sea lions swimming in the pool.

Upper East Side Manhattan view from the tram.

East Side Manhattan_5288-3.jpg

It was a stormy day but I felt good, so I went for a walk anyway. 😁

East Side Manhattan_5297-3.jpg

It's a 7-minute tram ride to go from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.

East Side Manhattan_5261.jpg

East Side Manhattan_5267.jpg

Roosevelt Island on a beautiful summer day

Roosevelt Island_3.jpg

It's quiet, not a lot of traffic. You don't feel like you're in the middle of the city here.

Roosevelt Island.jpg

There are a lot of Canadian geese living here. And you don't want to sit on these grass. Haha

Roosevelt Island_2.jpg

You can enjoy Manhattan skyline from here too.

Watching the sunset from Roosevelt Island

New York City Sunset.jpg

New York City Sunset_2.jpg

New York City Sunset_3.jpg

New York City Sunset_4.jpg

New York City Sunset_5.jpg

New York City Sunset_6.jpg

New York City Sunset_7.jpg

New York City Sunset_8.jpg

New York City Sunset_9.jpg

New York City Sunset_10.jpg

New York City Sunset_11.jpg

It's good to post again. Thanks so much for your time, my friend.
Have a great day!


Awesome photo :) Thank You! My Dream is to visit US :)

Hey! Thanks :). It's an 8-hour flight I think. I wanna visit London too 😉.

Yep maybe in summer :) on holiday :)

Not a big fan of holiday travel. Summer is better 😉.

Totally agree with you :) Summer is the best time for fun :)

Nice shots dew

Thanks Glenn 😊

yes, i can be fine without warm jacket but i need hat, gloves and scarf :D
the view are truly amazing!!! thank you for this lovely walk my dear friend ^^

Haha! Thanks, Reinika :D.

O you are back? Great to see you back and nice photos.

Last photo is heavily saturated for me though.

Did you miss me? Haha. Yeah, I used HDR mode in the last picture. The real picture should have been between the last 2.

It's been a while, but again I see some of your beautiful photos of your great city. Thanks!

Hey! It's awesome to be missed 😃. Thanks, my friend. Happy holidays!

And a happy holiday season to you and your family too!

Hi! @dewdrop. The autumn leaves are very beautiful. But you dressed for Spring not for winter months, it's almost December!
The sunsets are just fantastic, slowing getting more intense and then released into the cool night of glittering lights from all the buildings and light bulbs on the bridge.

I hope you are taking some herbal tea and take ginger in your food to warm the body up for the cold winter. Take good care of your health.


Hi there! Thanks for your beautiful comment, my friend! After many years living here, I'm still not a fan of winter. Herbal tea and ginger are great ideas! I have them but forget to use them :D. Thanks for being a great friend. Love you!

Thank you for your reply @dewdrop! I was missing your new posts.
You should look after yourself and do some stretching exercises, they are good for your chi or energy level. Keep warm and stay out of cold wind!

Missing you and your new photos.
I will have to revisit your museum and gallery!!


You're so sweet. Thanks 😊!

Great NYC collection!!!

Thanks so much 😊!

WOW! Nice dialogue and love the sunset pictures best. Resteemed. Feel free to join our discord:

Hey! You're so nice! Thanks so much 😊!

The sunset pics of Roosevelt Island were by far my favorite.It must have been a very special moment to witness! Lovely article!!

Thanks! You're right! It was amazing to me 😊.

it's a pleasure dear! I look forward to read/see more

Aww... thanks 😊!

There you are dewdrop! I was wondering what kind of adventure you might be on :) Your pictures are incredible and never disappoint. The picture with the white flowers, the bridge, the skyline and that sunset is absolutely stunning. Looks like you had a great time.

Aww... I love that you thought about me 😍. Cold weather is not good for me but I'm back 😁. Thanks for enjoying the pictures, my friend 😊.

You are very sweet dewdrop! Cold weather is terrible for your health if you are not used to it. Glad you are feeling better my friend :) Looking forward to more of your adventures. Have a great night!

Aww ... You're so nice 😍. You have a great night too 😊.

Great post again from NY. I like it very much because it is so different from where live. Amazing city sunset even in cities can be beautiful. First picture very nice, thank`s for shearing :)

Thanks, my friend😊. Because it's so different that's why I love your pictures too.

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Hey! Thanks so much @choogirl 😉. I'll check it out 😊.

Wow. So beautiful. I have never been there but heard great things about it.
The sunset is amazing, absolutely love the colors of it.
Thanks for sharing.

So happy you like it. Thanks Joanna 😉

Amazing pictures. You are an incredible Artist.

Aww... Your comment makes my day 😍. Thanks so much Donofa 😊

All true. You have an incredible eye. Happy Thanksgiving.

😍Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend 😊.

Wow nice travel experience and wonderful photography. it is nice place.
Thanks @dewdrop
Have a great day.
Upvote & Resteem

Thank you so much @shavishtha 😊. You have a great day.

Oh! excellent photography and nice look.

100% like and resteem

Aww! Thank you so much 😊

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Haha. Em chụp bằng iphone chị thấy đẹp quá mà sao chị chụp iphone 8 vẫn thấy ko đẹp. Haha. C chụp bằng máy canon đó e. Hình Tam Đảo của em đẹp muốn chết luôn.

Make sure to check out Govenor's Island for a great view of Manhattan Island and the FREE walking tour of Harlem for some real cultural immersion!

Thanks 😉

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Dear friend,
Thank you very much for your loving support!
I am forever very grateful to you and I do miss your posts, both of yesterday, today and tomorrow!

I do hope that your are keeping warm and have a very nice family gathering this holiday season!

May you and your lovely family have a very happy, healthy and wonderful Christmas and New Year 2018!

Yours faithfully.

Hi there! Thanks so much for being a wonderful friend. Love you! Happy holidays!