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Since I was in the college, I was always trying to find myself. I considered myself lost, confused, unnoticed and frankly not good enough. I was chasing some unrealistic big bold ambition that turned out to be an external layer of what I actually wanted to discover. Overtime though I polished whatever I aimed and now I’m somehow living it.

So, the goal was to create a lifestyle where I can live and taste any country I pick for a span of 1-3 months. It’s funny when you ask for something and somebody answers. I never knew that all that it takes is to have a few uncomfortable conversations, a lot of hugs and good byes, and you can finally do it. I didn’t have a strategic plan or a backup solution in case something bad happens. I never even tried to look back to see how my life could’ve been if I’m forced to go back home or something.

I just simply knew that I wanted my brain to be dazzled so much that I literally become invinsible towards tough challenges and unknown outcomes that happen every single day. I’m still working on it but I’m close enough to that state, and I love it.

This one has led me to something even more interesting. What I was really chasing in life is a set of specific emotions: excitement and creativity. It actually blew my mind that all I needed to do is to expose myself to novel and awesome environments.

All of my attempts of creating different products or putting my heart on a blank Google Doc page or shooting badass Bitcoin pictures was a simple expression of my weird personality. What I found later is I have to accept it and then don’t apologize for whatever it is I’m bringing to this world. People view things differently, not every masterpiece was acknowledged right away.

This is exactly why I cannot stop. I will keep experimenting and doing something totally weird and uncommon. I will push the limits of absurdness and ridiculousness, but oh boy I’ll enjoy it.


If the ticket costs $50, then it's too hard to make any excuse not to check other places. You don't have to fly across the globe each time, just go somewhere nearby.