Something You Might Not Have Thought About When It Comes To Brushed Out Fur

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Why fur can be dangerous for other animals

Today I came across some fur while walking around and enjoying the sun.
Nothing special and we see this often but you might change your mind after reading this short post.
For many dogs, it can be a true relief to lose their thick winter fur. As you can see below I love to have some extra fur 😀.


People often brush their dogs outside

It can become a little bit messy, so people often choose to do the brushing outside in the wide nature or - like in my example - on a parking place.



What could be the problem with this?

You might think that natural fur is not a big issue and I totally agree.
It can even be very useful because birds integrate this fur into their nests to make it cosy.


This can actually be an issue if the dog wore a flea collar or the dog's fur was treated with any other anti-flea remedy.

The poison spread over the fur and birds using this poisoned fur for their nests will have sick and poisoned little birds. Their "cosy nest" became a death trap for them.

So please clean up the place where you brushed your dog if the fur could have any anti-flea remedy on it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little advice.

Your Marley 🐕