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in #life3 years ago
Writing is a thing I love to do even though I wasn't gifted in doing so. Thanks to the steem blockchain and cryptocurrency in general which provided the platform for me to showcase my writing skill to like minds.


Ever since I started writing, I personally discovered I have improved a whole lot in different areas such as ; punctuations, grammar usage, brain storming etc.

For about 18 days now, I have been off the steem blockchain and wasn't my intention as its beyond my control. I was sick and when I recovered, I have been focusing on business. Yea, you heard me right, business.

I had to also make money physically which I will survive on without having to touch my investment in cryptocurrency. I also believe is a thing I should combine with investing, so as to have various angles in which money comes from.

So friends, I said to myself before making this post that I must resume writing from today. Truth be told, my hands and brains were frozen as I don't know what and how to begin. I guess this is as a result of me not writing for too long and my brain became lazy.

With time, I will definitely catch up with the tides and I wish to have enough time to make quality post this time around.


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