NEW VLOG - Pool Day, Popsicles, and Iced Coffee! (We Also Got Another Nugget Comfort!)

in #life5 years ago (edited)

Pool Day Vlog Screenshot.jpg

Guys! It's finally time to get the swimming pool out again! It's seemed like forever since we've been able to get it out, so I'm sure you can just imagine how excited everyone is.

Unfortunately, we have an incredibly steep hill as a backyard, so we have to use an inflatable pool in our driveway. It's not a very fancy set-up, but it works for us.

We spent the first part of the morning inflating and filling up our pool up with water. Once it was filled, everyone jumped in. However, Desmond is afraid of water so he just hung out with us, Mommy and Daddy, while everyone else swam.

After a little while in the heat, I decided it was time for some iced coffee. I may have a slight addiction! I don't mind at all!

After that, we let the kids have some frozen popsicles as a treat! They were really melty, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much.

We also got our new Nugget Comfort in the mail today! So, when we were done swimming, we unboxed it, and set it up!

The kids now have two Nuggets, and it's pretty fun to see what creations they come up with now. The one thing they seem to really love doing is turning our stairs into an epic slide with them. It's pretty awesome!

Thanks for watching!