When life gives you mums...

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We had a Fall Festival at work last month.  It was a huge success with over 17,500 people coming through!  (That is the most visitors we have ever had in one day!)

The only issue is that no one had a plan for all the decorations afterwards.  We ended up being able to donate some of them but we still had A LOT of mums and pumpkins left over!  We started just giving them away to anyone that wanted them so they didn't go to waste.

So channeling our inner @papa-pepper, herpetologyguy-jr and I made a trip in to load up our car with pumpkins and mums.  It was raining all day and I was recovering from a bad cold or flu (I'm still not really sure which) and had lost my voice from talking to so many guests the day before but I couldn't pass up such a good deal! It also gave me a great reason to clean out the front porch garden and harvest the last bit of my tomato plant. 

We got the first round of mums dropped off and planted but there were still so many left that we went back for another trip!

 The reason this is such a great deal is that mums are perennial flowers, meaning that they will come back next year. These two car trips could have our front garden looking beautiful for years to come!  We can use the pumpkins as decoration and even eat them.  I also hope to be able grow some of our own pumpkins from the seeds of these pumpkins next year!   


(sorry for the blurry this kid is only still when he is sleeping!)

Astrid was a great babysitter keeping herpetology-jr busy when he wasn't helping me dig around in the dirt/mulch.


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