Top 5 Things to Do in Bogota, Colombia

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1. Zipaquira
Integral to Colombian culture is the Roman Catholic Church. Outside of Bogota, these salt mines have transformed into a magnificent cathedral demonstrating the importance of the religion.!

2. Colombian Food! <3
From Arepas (fried dough) to Pan de Bono (salty or sweet breads) to the many exotic fruits, Colombia is a culinary treat. Not to mention the world-famous coffee!

3. Laguna Guatavita
This monstrous yet picturesque lake and the small, neighboring town of Guatavita are home to the legend of El Dorado. El Dorado is known as the city of Gold thanks to the Muisca people who originally inhabited this area and their propensity for Gold jewelry, accessories, and clothing. However, today it is a charming and serene place to visit with stunning views.

4. Montserrate
Being surrounded by Mountains gives Bogota plenty of great views! The Montserrate is home to a church on top of the mountain and is reachable by foot or funicular.

5. Futbol
Bogota is home two Futbol teams, Millonarios and Santa Fe. Fans are really passionate about their teams which makes the atmosphere an exciting one!


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