Dodge Challenger - That's such a handsome guy came to us.

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Hello. Recently, such a handsome Dodge Challenger came to our service. Of course, the difference between modern cars and cars that were made before is simply not comparable. It's like heaven and earth both in appearance and in spirit and in controllability, there is something alive in them, they are like animals that need to be tamed. You immediately feel like a Vin Diesel in such a car)) I would really like to have such a car in the garage. Even looking at her is an aesthetic pleasure )



Greetings @evgen-xx, Many of us have wished to have a beast like that, few have them and every day that pass they become more difficult, although you would be surprised to see how beasts of this type exist in inhospitable places locked in a garage.

This looks really amazing !! Some cars feel like planes !! The color looks awesome

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This car is really lovely and amazing to have and ride

in order to drive it , you need to study additionally , because it is an unusually heavy car

Wow this is the first time I would be hearing such

this is figuratively speaking))

Yes but I prefer small electric car it's unobtrusive. I like Berlingo model

I really like lamba))

American Cars 😍👍




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