Sunset in ancient Epidauros. Unfortunately the sun does not rise for all.

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Life coexists with death, they are inextricably linked.
Life brings joy and death pain, anguish, sorrow, sorrow, despair, anger ...
The emotions caused by the sudden death, which happens unexpectedly, involve surprise and this fact increases the intensity of unpleasant emotions.
Death coexists with life.
The mass death of people leaves no one unaffected.
It is such a potential for pain and sadness that all people feel and perceive.
Because of my profession, I have seen many deaths.
And this fact makes me "distancing" as much as possible from the sad feelings of death. It is a natural defense that all Health Professionals acquire as time passes as possible.
Personally, I consider the death of fire the most horrible death. And I will not say anything else about it.
I have long cried for the deadly, horrible deaths of the people in Mati.
I felt heavy all day ...
In the afternoon I will go to the funeral of a colleague who died of aggressive breast cancer, within six months, 50 years.
Let everyone rest in peace and a good Paradise to have.
Stamatia a Good Paradise to have.
Σταματία Καλό Παράδεισο να έχεις!!!

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