Why Listen!?

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"But, what do you think people would say?"
I turned to look at Bella, she was the brightest in our class but when it came to other issues, she was just so...aaaargh!
"Why would you even listen to them?" I asked her. She was about to start learning how to be a mechanic, which has been her long-term dream. I had finally convinced her to go sign-up for it at a local shop close to school. Today was her first day and she was already using the 'people's opinion' excuse on me.

As I listen to her draw up so many irrelevant statements she would receive when people found out about her new passion, I realized it was developing into a big issue.

This is what most of us do. We tend to limit ourselves from reaching a particular goal because we are so scared of what other people will think or say about us.
We allow the opinions of people who do not even matter to restrict us from reaching great heights.
So I ask you today...

Why Listen?

Who says you have to listen when they talk? Your listening to them means you are giving them authority to control you. Why do you got to do that huh? People will just be controlling you 'upandan' without them even knowing they are... 🤷🤷

Why are you listening?

Listening gives rise to limitation because your standards now has to be theirs since you are not so confident in yourself.
So, rather than spend time listening, why not spend time researching and making sure that move you are about to take would be perfect!?
This would help you live your life independent of the 'people's-opinion' syndrome.


Researching is good

hear also have the benefit because we know all the good and not harm to others in the presence of science taught to us to be heard! Great post