Did you know? [Elon Musk]

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People always say one must find his passion and purpose in life in order to live fully.

I have a hint on what is mine but I am certain I still do not have it altogether. Guess it is always on human, serving and being compassionate to those who deserve it and a sound advise to those who gets the world wrong (at least the way I know it). That is just me versus world. Do you know someone whose priorities are for entire world? the universe rather?


Have you heard of the name Elon Musk, Heard of it for so many time but have not paid my full attention to his life, works and humans serving vision and missions.

  • He have coded his first game, BLASTAR when he was just 12 years old and was able to sold it for $500.00.

  • He reads everyday for 5 hours. I have never finished a book in one sit. So.. wow.l :D

  • Everyone is afraid of something, for this genius, he is afraid of the dark. He did something to conquer his fears by studying the cause of darkness.


  • Was once a victim of school bullying. His family has dough, but he feds himself $1 a day way back his college days as he lives independently.

  • At the age of 24, he dropped his PhD course in Stanford to follow his passion
    Out of his earned money, he bought Mclaren F1 without an insurance to it and crushed it.


  • One of the very few people to went through MOKSHA MOMENT, also known as all in.
    He put One Hundred Million Dollars in his SPACE X, Seventy Million Dollars in Tesla and Ten Million in Solar City. After which, he had to borrow money to pay rent.

  • Musk married twice and remarried the same British Actress. Married 2008, Divorced 2012, Re-married 2013 but had a divorced for the second time year 2014. The filing for divorced was just finalized year 2016.

  • Conducting an ambitious mission to send people to Mars, he himself wanted to go and actually planning to die on Mars not on our planet earth.

  • He is into AI but not in a way that it replaces mankind, but more of a help to human and the community.


  • Elon Mush is building the Gigafactory. Its main purpose is to create an energy that can sustain life. When finished, it can produce batteries for just one year that the world's life time has ever made. He just wanted all of us to be energy sustainable in the future.

  • Aside from making projects and future life supporting missions, he is donating money to Republican and Democrat presidential candidates during election.


  • The Solar roof he wanted for society will then be cheaper than that of a normal roof.

  • A proud member and co-founder of what everyone knows now, the PAYPAL.


  • Tesla car, on the other hand is worth saving and investing for. When you buy one, it comes with a charger that saves you gas. Less gas more nature saving benefits. Win win! Musk amazing idea of electronic cars which apparently not available for all any time soon.

  • Furthermore, he claims himself as patriotic. Born in South Africa, lived in Canada since he was 19 years old and stayed in the US till he got his citizenship year 2002. Giving him 3 nationalities.


  • Last but not he least, he asks the government if he will be allowed to put 4,425 satellites in earth's orbit with a noble mission of providing free internet for the entire world.

  • All these amazing project will be enough for him to accomplish his plan of building the first city in planet Mars. Competing with Google's helium balloon and Facebook's drone, Musk has the highest chance of getting the internet problem solved as he has already the infrastructure.

Elon is one of a kind. The only one had thought of all these actually. He could be the saint for life preservation. (LOLS) I am not saying he is a god but h really is ultra super mega worthy to look up to.

All, and when I say all, I meant ALL should thank him for bringing and working on to the ideas that is not just crucial for education, nature and whatnot but life itself in general. Such a genius hoping to save human race.
Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below and feel free to correct me if my information is wrong, buddies. :)

Thank you for reading! ♥


WOW, I never knew him until I read this post. I didn't know how genius and noble Elon Musk is, thanks for sharing this great info.

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You are one of a kind! Thank you for your research.
I believe we all come with unique gifts to this life. Elon had enough courage to find and share his gift. His work is very much needed to the humanity, so is his example. We all have to be a bit bolder and go for things that our hearts and brains desire. Somewhere deep inside ourselves we know what to do. Maybe you are our next Elon Musk?!