Wow you actually made this? What inspired you to draw this and how did it end up like that. Looks like a king with a crown and then he's planted his roots in all those place/countries on the bottom lol. At least that's my interpretation of this art.

Thank you very much. I have made around 50 art pieces but sold only a few. I gifted way more than i sold. some time ago I watched some youtube video on how to draw trees and wanted to try but my final result was completely different.

So this is still a hobby then? Would be cool if u could make this a business in the future

I see so that was supposed to be tree lol I did kind of see that .

I have not created anything in quite a while. But I might return to this in the future.

Ya you should get back into it. It's part of your bio right. then you can share it and be famous one day