Biking in the mountains at the coast region of Montenegro

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Three days ago I took a spontaneous bike ride to the mountain slope of the Lovćen Massive at the coast region of Montenegro. I was hoping to make it all the way up but at some point the track was too bad even for my heavy duty E-mountainbike. Not only that, I also got a flat tire... So I got stuck around 22km from home and 950m above sea level. Luckily I did have the tools with me required to fix the tube. However, I'm not very experienced with this kind of stuff and it was very difficult for me to get the tire back on the wheel. Eventually I managed to fix it after struggling with it for almost an hour...

After this incident I didn't feel like exploring the area any further so I decided to go back. I strapped my Insta360 camera on my backpack and filmed part of the downhill ride which you can see in time lapse in the following video. I took a short break to briefly inspect the impressive Fort Gorazda which is situated on a very beautiful spot with a spectacular panorama over the Kotor Bay area.

Music: In Search of Solitude by Scott Buckley


Least you were smart and brought tools with you, would have been a long hike back dragging a bike with flat tyres otherwise!

Still looks like a nice ride through a nice area even though you understandably didn’t feel up to exploring much after that fiasco 🙃

Yes, it would be a problem. It already has happened in the past, although not that far away. Since then I keep taking the tools with me if I/we go a bit further out.

Bike looks so tired 😅
Thank you for passing by my profile . ✨

Yeah! Going off-road in that region is a problem because these prickled shrubs are growing everywhere. And people don't hike much there so the trails are often overgrown and hardly passable.