Cat Bite Abscess! My Wounded Cat Mr Noodles

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This is a bit off kilter from my standard photography posts but my poor little buddy Mr Noodles has copped a battle wound!


This five year old ginger cat has been a close companion of mine for the past 2 years ever since I took him home from the local pound, he had been removed from a not so nice household and needed someone to love him. When I first got him he was so scared of me and people in general I thought he was never going to adjust to a normal life. After a few months he finally started to relax in his own home and after moving house with me a few times he has definitely come out of his shell.


He has always been a muse of mine

His time with me hasn't been without it's issues though. One time he'd been caught red handed eating birds! Which as an owner I'm not proud of because it's well known how devastating cats are to Australia's native wildlife... I do my best to keep him in doors throughout the night but I can't keep tabs on him all day so it's hard to know what he gets up to.


Living in an urban environment there are definitely other cats in the area and on Saturday one of my fears for him had been realised. He got in a BIFF! A blue, a fight! Sunday morning he was really sleepy and had what looked like a little scratch on his face, other than that he presented no physical injuries. He was still eating and other than being a little lethargic seemed fine, just not himself. By Monday he seemed better, being more vocal and running around a bit, but then that night Krystal noticed a lump where his tail joined to his body and on Tuesday it was even bigger... Not a good sign at all.

Today on my work break I saw a text from Krystal saying the lump had popped and had a foul odoured pus leaking from it, sure enough it was an abscess. Not good at all. I called the vet to enquire, gave them a run down of the situation and they said it's referred to as a "cat bite abscess". A common wound following a bite from another cat, the bacteria from their mouth gets below the skin and an abscess forms which, if left untreated can require surgery otherwise it can become septic. NOT GOOD AT ALL! So I have booked him in to see the vet tomorrow. Fingers crossed he just needs a course of antibiotics and he'll be as good as new. If you have ever had a pet I'm sure you know the concern you feel for them, he will be fine but he was definitely on my mind today. I love the little guy and hate the thought of him suffering.

Here is a mug shot of the naughty little brawler! Send him your wishes for tomorrow :)


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Lol. Cats like fighting each other. All the ones I saw in Greece looked like they just went at each other constantly.

Crazy felines, I’ve actually seen a couple of cat fights and they aren’t pretty so at least I didn’t have to witness the two of them going at it

Best wishes little fella. We have had the same problem with our little girl.

Fingers crossed, keep us posted! :)

Will do! I'm sure he will be fine but it definitely reminded me how important he is to me and how I would feel terrible if anything happened to him.

He's happy to have you as owner, I'm sure of that.

Awwwwwww bless him!! What a beautiful flufffster. 😍 loving a cat comes with its ups and downs for sure but what they give us is so worth it Even so. There is nothing that compares to the love relationship between man and meow-meow. The love I feel for my cat is so completely unconditional I forgive him absolutely everything. Give Mr Noodles a BIG snuggle from me, I am sure his little trouble will be healed very soon. He is lucky to have found such a loving home after a poor start, bless his fluffy socks! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aww Sally that is such a nice comment! He is definitely loved in this house hold and I'll be sure to give him a big hug from you and the rest of steemit :D Would love to see a post about your little fury one when you get the chance, nothing compares to a cute cat photo haha

Awwww poor furball :( I hope he will get well soon!

His time with me hasn't been without it's issues though.

I know what you mean! I fear that he's get into a fight with a feral cat, or that the birds will go extinct soon or that my window screen will get totally ruined.

But still, we love the little guy!

Sending best wishes for your furry friend; good thing you are taking him into the vet because cat bites left untreated can become a serious problem really fast. Speedy healing to him!


The vet gave him the all clear!

Glad to hear that; appreciate the update!


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I used to have a red cat. Someone say that they bring money. :))

Cute cat, I love cat!