Cat Bite Abscess Part 2 - Things Are Not As They Seem!

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Mr Noodles and I visited the vet yesterday morning after he showed signs of an oozing abscess which @krystalfinnigan and I assumed was the result of a infected cat fight wound.

It was right at the base of his tail and I'd heard that if left untreated can become a serious problem requiring surgery. I explained the situation to the vet and she took a pair of little trimmers and exposed the area. Sure enough, a bite mark.


But not a cat bite... The vet was adamant that this style of puncture is typical of a dogs canine. Most likely a medium sized dog. On a number of occasions a pair of neighbourhood hounds have came running into the back yard whilst being walked (without a leash) through the area. We think these two are our prime suspects, next time we see them it'll have to fill the owner in on the situation and see if he could leash them while walking.


The vet has given me a bottle of saline solution and some syringes to flush the wound daily to make sure any pus is removed. The puncture would passes clean through from entry hole to exit hole, so the saline is put into one side and come spraying out the other! They administered an antibiotic through injection which is slow acting and should last in his system until the infection has cleared and healed. They also gave an anti inflammatory to reduce the pain.


I can't help but laugh at Mr Noodles little shaved patch of tail fur.


He's keeping the area around the would pretty clean and it should be better in no time. I'm proud of my brave little guy, it would have been scary coming up against a single dog, let alone possibly two! I like to think he held his own against them and came out victorious haha.

Thanks for all the comments wishing him well on the previous post. He is going to be a-okay, and is being showered in love to speed up the healing process. Here is an older photo of me forcing him to accept my hugs :')


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Hi there, @harrynewman! Your cat is really cute and, judging by the photos, he seems to be very brave, calm and collected. He's going to be alright! :)

He will be, already he is back to himself. Flushing the wound is a bit nasty but he lets me do that without much fuss either.

Lol. Forced hugs. Glad he'll be ok.

Just glad to hear Mr. Noodles is going to be OK! Hopefully he won't feel too put out from being "bald patch cat" for a bit... speedy recovery!


Poor Mr Noodles, it looks nasty and sore. Thanks for the update