Simplicity Vs Complexity Part 2 : The Beginner's mind

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 We are all born with a simple "beginner's mind" . A mind which sees things as they really are, without any influences from past experiences. Then we start experiencing different experiences that change our perspectives. Our minds become more complex and start trying to help our consciousness see things differently based on our past experiences .

Simplicity VS Complexity Is A Series of Posts where we will try to explore the Differences between the Simple and the Complex mind and the advantages and the disadvantages of each. I think The Best way to proceed is by exploring the concept of "The Beginner's mind"

We are all born with a simple mind 

Think about how little babies view the world. The worries suddenly all vanish away. Their simple mind experience life as it really is. They live in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. But why we can not experience life like this again when we grow up? Its Because of Our Experiences !!

Experiences make our mind more complex

 As we grow up, our mind starts to collect information. Our mind gradually starts to make up things for our eyes to see. Now our mind starts influencing our thoughts. It becomes harder and harder to see things as they really are. We are all bias in a sense.  Our minds become more complex and start trying to help our consciousness see things differently based on our past experiences . This is actually more efficient but it might affect our sense of reality. 

Does this mean there is no such thing as fairness??

The Concept Of "The Beginners mind".

Sometimes we can get out of our complex mind and try to get back to our Simple " Beginners Mind" to see things as they really are. This practices are in many religions like Buddhism and Islam ; The idea of meditation. By having a Beginner's mind we can have a better vision and can see events and experiences as they really are.

Having a wide perspective VS. Not having a perspective 

 So We live our lives trying to travel around, meet new people and experience different things. All this in hopes of having a wider perspective and being open minded to see the world in a better way. But sometimes we feel that these same experiences are the reasons we can not see things as they really are. Interesting Huh :)

What do you think?

This is an interesting way to approach creativity and innovation from this simple notion of acquiring a beginner's mind.

 Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity 

 Some people say that with a Beginner's Simple Mind, you could be more open to possibilities and more creative. You will also form closer bonds with others in your life as they experience your interest in them and your appreciation for their thoughts and ideas. Other think that our complex minds help us be better in what we do.

  "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few."  

If You Want To Have a Beginners mind Try To : 

  1. Focus on questions, not answers.
  2. Take one step at a time.
  3. Fall down seven times, get up eight times.
  4. Use Don't Know mind. Don't pre-judge.
  5. Live without shoulds.
  6. Make use of experience. Don't negate experience, but keep an open mind on how to apply it to each new circumstance.
  7. Let go of being an expert.
  8. Experience the moment fully.
  9. Disregard common sense.
  10. Discard fear of failure.
  11. Use the spirit of inquiry.

  I Hope this made sense regarding the context which is "Simplicity VS Complexity". If It did not, dont worry It will all make sense in the upcoming posts. If you liked it please let me know. Your thoughts will be highly appreciated as well. If you did not like it please also let me know to make it better.

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Great post, I will certainly try out your tips to get to the point of a beginners mind :D hopefully it will wrok ! will certainly keep you updated !! You got my follow and upvote. Happy steeming to you as well !!

Thanks a lot :)
yes please keep me updated .

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great post, @hossary. thanks for sharing with us :)

you are most welcome :)

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Definitely loved your engaging post. We are all born as very simple, a "tabula rasa". A clean slate, untainted, pure.

As we grow up and experience "life", a slew of ideas, concepts, belief washes over us. That marks the start of us being complex. We become as what you have said "experts". We multitask, we try to solve everything, we go over our boundaries and overstep others. Why is that? Because we fear failure. This puts us inside a sealed box where we become stagnant, always worrying and in turn, makes us inefficient in life.

You broke it down very well mr @hossary. Let us have a beginners mind, open to possibilities, ready to partake fresh and new ideas. Let us, cliche as it may sound, "Think outside of the box!" See new perspectives, innovate! Be simple!

(you gained a new follower today. :D)

Keep on Steemin'!

Great article. Some very good advice here. I definitely see this in my day-to-day, the way experience can greatly affect some of the wiser individuals in my life, in a positive way, but then also how it can give some a stiff viewpoint on things, and an unwillingness to have an open-mind. And I can see within myself the simple mind vs. the complex and how those things affect me negatively and positively. Thanks for sharing this!

Great post Sir @hossary really informative post learan new things thanks fir for sharing followed you for more similar content :)