The Ugly side of "Day Trading"! Chapter 1.

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" An introduction into why Ugly"

Day trading has been a passion for my wife and me for a number of years now.

Day trading does not take over our lives and we jointly enjoy our day-to-day routine of analysing the charts to see if there are any "Cherry Picking Trades" to maintain our above 90% winning trades.

Though we both enjoy Day Trading, there is an Ugly side, and this first chapter introduces you into why there is an...........

"Ugly side to Day Trading!"

Where I explain about a person who wanted to talk to me about.........

The "Code to Trade"

To enable them to not experience a loss of the same in the future!

The loss that they had sadly only just experienced, emphasises why you must lean a code or a tick box or something to assist you to understand what "Day Trading" is all about and how to achieve an above 80% winning trades, with minimum losses!

You can watch this introduction here...........

And I will introduce you to the remaining two chapters shortly after.

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The "Code to Trade"