The Ugly side of "Day Trading" Chapter 2!

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"The Loss"

This chapter shares with you the loss that someone experienced the day before they came to me to ask about..........

The "Code to Trade"

In this chapter video, I help you to understand how they lost their savings.

In advance, I apologise for the roosters, we live in the Country where our neighbours breed chickens and roosters, and we are now planning to move back to the City, as we wish to continue doing video blogs for the "Code to Trade" where it is quieter!

You will understand when watching this video.............

To put this video into perspective.........

For every PIP that Gold increased in value, they were losing on their trading account $0.42 Cents a PIP!

Then the price of Gold rallied, taking the PIP's to over 1,271!

When you do the maths, that is over $500.00, so price continued to rise after their account of $450 was wiped out, then sadly, as soon as their account was wiped out, the price began to come back down again!

Talking about Sods Law, this person was very unlucky, though they were trading against the trend.

The last chapter will follow shortly, thank you for taking the time to listen to this chapter.

Best Regards

The "Code to Trade"