The Agreement And Disagreement Biases In Relationships

in #life5 months ago

In Life we have people, friends, families and enemies that we agree with and sometimes we argue and disagree with which can be a good thing for both of us because there are instances where we'll be able to learn from each other.
Also there are times when we'll be able to agree to disagree on something's, either its right or wrong. However having someone who always agree with you at all time is a red flag especially if that person is a friend, family or just a close by neighbor that you do talk to and seek advice from or want their opinion about life and everything inbetween.

In reality we can't always agree on everything too, but then, if you have someone who always find a thing to disagree on without looking at the facts at hand, then, that's also a red flag. And its the first step to having a toxic relationship together or biased advice and opinions.

Sometimes we want people to agree with us when all we would have needed is someone to disagree with us, so that we can see things from another perspective.

The world can't always agree with our opinions and also can't always disagree with our opinions but if you have those who always disagree or always agree with us, then we should try and check ourselves and our relationships if its going to serve us moving forward. Because sometimes seeing things from another perspective can be a catalyst to our own growth in life.

There are times when we can agree with others and also times when we can disagree without being personal or let it be about trying to validate other peoples opinions, when in fact, we know they may or might be taking the wrong step.

I once had a friend who always find everything to disagree on without even seeing things from another view but since then I've been trying to not even get into an argument with him or get too deep in conversation with him because I know the outcome.

He's the biased type of person who likes to be one sided and ive learned not to get too close anymore but seek those who can agree when its the best decision to make and also disagree when its the best thing to do.

In life we can't always have the right perspective to everything that's why we need people to have different opinions from our's weather they are our friends, families or enemies we can always learn and grow through such relationship than learning from someone who's either taking your bullshit or always taking everything personal to discredit your claims.

Which would you prefer in your relationships - someone whos always agree and validate your claimes all the time, one whos always disagree with you without considering the facts or someone who access situations as it is and can always agree or disagree with your opinions?

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