😍 How much time did you spent today doing what you love? ❤

in #life4 years ago

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of time!
Time may be free but it’s priceless… it may feel unlimited but of course, it’s not.


And why do I keep having these thoughts?

Well, simply because… We think we have plenty of time in this life but most of us spend this precious time either working really hard either letting actual meaningful moments pass by without giving them the proper notice.

⚡Did you know that you spend 10.5 years of your life working? ⚡
💥 But the crazy thing is that you spend 28.3 years of your life sleeping.💥

So, where’s the time for you and the things you wanna do?!
That’s why I am here now, telling you…
Please, don’t hesitate to take risks or follow your dream job or create and build your own business! Don’t wait for tomorrow or for the perfect time. Create your perfect time.
Your choices matter… you have the chance to use YOUR TIME however it makes you feel blissful and creative!

✨ Life will reward you. ✨
I know it.
I have seen it happen!