✨ Self-love is the boldest action! 💗 💗

in #life4 years ago

We talked about this in the past. But today is a day of action!

Well, because I am preaching self-love! Almost daily I do so!

But do I treat myself daily? Well nope.

There are days that I get so “busy” at work that I forget I need to take care of my body and soul!

So today, against all odds and despite the fact that I have another good 16 hours of solid work that will never end, I closed my computer, I showed up at my hairdresser’s, and I got my hair done!

I went back to work with more vigor and a bigger appetite to get things done

Remember busy is not a gold medal!

So treat yourselves!



We should take care of our health...bcoz we know that "Health is wealth".😄😄

Exactly always practicing self-love!