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It's been so long since my heart does not smile when i see you. It's been so long trying so hard to see you as before. I look at the floor and I see so many pieces, that I realize the eagerness that I have had in putting them together and sticking them back to my heart. I have tried in thousands ways without any results, but I still try the same way until I get a new one that surely will not work either. So resigned but at the same time hopeful, a dichotomy that is slowly killing me. Coldness, hopelessness, different looks, is all that I receive. I'm so tired of trying, but I can not stop. I must do something to stop it. I see how new pieces fall. I feel it is time to finish while I watch the last piece resistant to fall. They did not teach me to be selfish, but I do not know how not to be with me. I feel in a single world, where I try to keep it alive, while I want a meteor to fall and end everything.

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