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Many times we read news on the internet that with only the title we immediately reject. I read so many comments from people in social networks and other media, both for and against, in a not very critical way. There are things that for our brain we want or not, they will seem bad to us, since we have been raised with certain taboos or ways in which they have taught us how things should be; and many of the things we read represent a change to our format, that's why we reject certain topics. However this is not a good reason or excuse to reject something and categorically determine it as bad.

Newton's theory adapts perfectly to the physics of the planet, but in galactic aspects it does not apply. Then Einstein's physics comes with spatial relativity and then with general relativity. Before the electrocompulsive treatment was applied to psychiatric patients (although there are some cities that still apply it), recently is achieved to find a cure for HIV etc. They are different areas of knowledge, but it shows us that knowledge is questioned, and that is what has allowed advances. Science continually gives us new information on different topics, changing our perception and causing us to do certain things in different ways. When man questions himself, breaks barriers, gets over and grows.

It is important to be open, we can not reject something without even reading or investigating under what concept or premise is being carried out. Live example of what I want to give you a sense is me. I was 8 years in a Christian church, If I had closed myself to the idea that the only real thing was what they taught me and what I read in the Bible, without arguing and without allowing myself to doubt that, my life would be different, I would surely live as a hetero, and continue to believe in things that I have stopped believing. It was this constant questioning, that constant thinking, wondering, studying, allowing to see in other things what led me to change and grow.

It is important to constantly question ourselves, that makes us grow, and at this point I am speaking more generally, I mean in all aspects, such as social, spiritual. Scientific etc ... we must go with the new thing that is learned or discovered. Do not talk or criticize something before studying about it. No matter the title or if you hear from someone else, investigate and if after doing so you still disagree, is your opinion and should be respected, but always talk about something with valid arguments that really show your point of view.

"The constant questioning is what makes us grow"

"Thanks for reading, see you in a next publication"

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