Reflections and Encouragement!

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Today someone very special reminded me of something very important. If what we write pierces one heart, educates, informs, entertains, or helps even one person, then we have hit the mark and done something worthwhile. We all sometimes forget this, myself included.
Love, Peace, and prosperity,
Photo is of my beautiful daughter and myself on her wedding day!


It is something people forget. Saving the world starts one person at a time.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I truly appreciate it.
Hope your day is filled with many more chicken fried steaks....:)

HAHA Well I think we finished them off this morning. Fried eggs and deer steaks for breakfast. Also delicious :). I better lay off the fried food for awhile though. Maybe a chicken salad for tonight.
May your day be blessed...
Thank you,

you did use coconut oil though...brain food ...right....yeah for me it is not what i eat is the how much! LOL oops I am on my son's account! double LOL i wish he would use it...grr melis

We actually did use coconut oil I didn't even think of that....
It must not be working :)


have your kids shown any interest in a steem account...i tried to motivate my youngest, Desel, but he is already on the computer for homeschool so he is less than interested.

They do both want an account. Homeschooling here also so they are on the computer for that a lot. I'm lucky I get to use it some days. I am getting our oldest involved like at the moment she is making cookies and taking pictures of the steps ect ect. Our youngest I think just isn't responsible enough yet.
He is all boy.... Run first... think about the wall later lol.

I guess that is better actually, childhood comes but once!
Hope the rest of your day is spectacular!

So true and what a beautiful daughter you have.

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Nice post

You remind of me Love, Peace, and prosperity.
Thanks. ^^

are you still? do the right thing :)