Beautiful Catastrophe of Doda

in #life2 years ago


Phases of Doda

Sometimes, I am mad
Yet, sometimes, I am glad


Sometimes, I am depressed
Yet, sometimes, I am not stressed


Sometimes, I am impatient
Yet, sometimes, I am patient

Living as Doda


There are times that were really hard
As hard as the hardest stone
These times, it's hard to guard
My heart as hard as stone

Honestly, I'm struggling
Struggling with everything
But I choose to keep fighting

Hopes of Doda


I hope you won't misunderstand
These actions I do each day
I hope you understand
That I am trying to be better each day

I hope you'll come with me
In this beautiful catastrophe
And together, we'll see
What will I be

au revoir


!LUV it💞 There are always sometimes in our life but love every moments of those some times😁

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