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I had plans today, hubby had offered his muscles to help me in the garden and I even got out of bed earlier thinking I was going to be getting a few hours in the garden. What I didn't expect to see was the grounds soaking wet after a rain storm, I have been so happy with the weather here as we haven't had anywhere near as rain as we usually do then the day I plan on doing something it pours down.

I am going to be using my extra time as preparation time a we are going to get into the garden Tuesday when hubby gets home from work in his work clothes, bag the rubbish then take the rubbish to the recycling village. All done in one day, Hopefully.

I have walked around my garden taking photo's of what plants I have and ordering what I need. I am really pleased my 2 Peonies have come back strong as the last time I saw them they looked dead, I have ordered the Peonies Trellis stands to keep them standing upright. They should arrive tomorrow, hopefully will get them in time before they flop over.


Peonies 2021.jpg


Peonies trellies 2021.jpg

Next on my walk I see my 3 gorgeous Rose bushes starting to fill out with bright green leaves, I have a Pink, Purple and White/Yellow. They brighten up my garden with beautiful flowers.


Roses 2021.jpg

Then we have my 2 Buddlija Plants, I have grown these from seeds,I have had the larger one for around 4 years now then little one only a couple, they both come back each year with beautiful Blue/Purple flowers that are always a success with the Bee's.


Budleja 2021.jpg

I usually trim these down a little but haven't had time this year, I am hoping that doesn't stop them from blooming this year. I love these flowers, they can grow to quite some length with little Blue/Purple buds.

Lastly I can't forget about my beautiful tree that my daughter bought me 4 years ago. GROOT He is named after the character on Guardians of the Galaxy, One of my daughters favourite films. Groot is extra special as this is where I build my Fairy garden.

Groot 2021.jpg

Groot never fails to surprise when with coming back with his beautiful coloured leaves and giving my fairy garden a place to grow. I am hoping to line my Sunflowers up against the same wall with Groot. I think I am going to be needing a lot more support sticks and pegs to keep the Sunflowers standing tall, I usually have 2 - 3 pots with Sunflowers this year I am looking at a lot more, different varieties and different colours.

I am going to planting another round of Sunflower seeds tomorrow, I am looking at a few Autumn and Teddy Bear Sunflowers.


Autumn Sunflowers and Teddy Bear 2021.jpg

I have an idea how I want my garden to look just got to put some work in to achieve this. I would love to be able to keep the seed from this years Sunflowers to grow next year, a little patience is needed by me.

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I like those sunflowers..

Fingers crossed they grow :)