The Confused State In Life

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Some time in life we find our self in a confuse state that we might not know what to do, everything just keep getting scarring to us and we find it hard to take action.


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We all have good time in life when all things happens to fall in place so easily and quick with no much effort while some bad times when things hardly work well for us, the more effort you put but much bad out come.

This is one of the devastating period of life and it's also one of the hardest time to make decisions because the emotions is already high which by taken decision is just like pointing a hand on a road for directions because a direction most be taken without knowing where the road might lead to.

When we get to a stage like this the best solution is to try to do anything that will make you feel relax and then stop anything serious that make you worried or causing you emotional. Then try to make yourself feel happy, changing of environment most times helps too, Like going to new place for a relaxation visit.

This is what I think could help.
If you have any experience kindly share on the comments section.