Bao-bao Falls, Diatagon, Lianga, Surigao del sur

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Exploring the goodness of life :)
Unplanned moments are the best!

My family loves joyride so much. We spend our weekends in joy riding and as we enjoy the music and high speed, we reach this place called Bao-Bao Falls. It is a 3 to 4 hours drive from our place. And as we stepped in the place, we were stunned by the beauty of it's own.

When I took this picture, I was really amazed on how it looks. After exploring the place, we decided to go swimming, all of us were excited but then we realized we didn't bring any clothing to wear. But we don't wanna waste our chance so we dive into the water without any hesitations lol.

The sun is shouting asf but the water's so refreshing.. We enjoyed our trip and got home safely.


Beautiful place! Nice post! Makes me want to go there!

The entrance fee is just 15 pesos hahaha it's worth the visit :)

Looks great! The expense would be traveling there and hotel stay. 450 kilometers from where I live.

:( anlayooo

Hi! Happy Birthday in advance :) May you have more blessings to receive. God Bless

Woaah thankyousomuch, godbless you also @g10a :)

Welcome., asa kaha celebrasyon ani para kakaon pd tag laming sud-an aw hahahah joke.

Hahaha way handa ya 😂

Happy birthday na jud ni hehehe., imu ra ig-agaw bahala ana sa handa c @creyestxsa94 hahaha


HAHAHA! :D wa man gali koy kwarta uyy.. Pautanga ko bi. whahaha :D

@creyestxsa94 nah unsay wa gd., nga sinako ng kwarta nmu diha., hehehe panglibri na diha kay beerday celebrity na sa imung agaw oh., 😂