Thankful for community!

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If you’re celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m hanging out at the coffee shop with the @caffetto family! Brent, the owner, always opens for a potluck after hours. It certainly supports how much this place has become a community and if I’m going to be thankful for anything, its that @caffetto survived the pandemic. It was so close to closing. The customers of this sacred space organized a GoFundMe and together we were able to raise over $12K! It was enough to bridge the coffee shop to the pandemic relief loans and because of that, we’re here for Thanksgiving!

Last September, @caffetto had just reopened for customers to sit inside. 50% capacity and masked, and for a place that has always been about sharing humanity, it felt eerily distopian. I should have been relieved just to be sitting at these beaten up old booths, but I found myself unable to enjoy myself. It was like I was living a ghost of a former life. Fortunately, since then, things have returned to a resemblance of normal, but during that concerning time a year ago, I made a LIDAR scan of the interior of @caffetto for fear that it would eventually close.

This place holds so much significance for Hive as well. I’ve personally onboarded dozens of Hive users within these hallowed walls. @mada and @lovejoy brought me to the blockchain in August of 2016. Since then, I’ve walked @iamredbar, @frenchvanilla, @jezebel, @millsguthrie, @boxcar, @tarotbyfergus, @dartstrife, and so many others through the sign up process. I’ve heard of some cities, such as Toronto, having notability in their blockchain significance. Minneapolis can definitely claim that, and @caffetto is an epicenter for participation and account creation.

Now on to Hive! The token price touched $3.35 today, and I can’t understate the importance of that! I’ve drifted in and out projects over the years. My introduction to the real interworkings of blockchain was DPOS and @dan’s consensus algorithms. Naturally, I was an early adopter of EOS in addition to my Hive stake and holdings. With EOS languishing near $4, I can’t call out the symbolism in a scenario that Hive may very well overtake it in token price. Community is such an integral part of a blockchain and with EOS drifting, leaving most of its stakeholders feeling abandoned, Hive continues to iterate and boast the most dramatic survival story in crypto.

In conclusion, I’m grateful for the many blessings in my life. I was awarded custody of @guthrie just before Thanksgiving in 2012, so this is always a meaningful time for me. That appreciation post is another blog entirely, but for the family beyond my family, I felt compelled to give gratitudes for the many friends I’ve made over 10 years at @caffetto and the lasting relationships formed here on Hive. Not just the people, but the inspiring story of how those people overcome adversity and build strong bonds and form communities. Happy Thanksgiving!


I see the scan is of one of the bizarre social distance builds of Caffetto.
That was a weird month or two... The furniture changed almost every day!

Wow! I have seen how greatly you’ve contributed to improve lives both offline and online. Not everyone would have had the urge to do so. Well done kommie ( forgive me if this isn’t the right name lol). Happy thanks giving

Beautiful photographs of the family.

Happy Thanksgiving day to you and your amazing family.

It really was awesome to see the price jump up like that. I wish it would have stayed, but I am pretty cool with the current floor of just about $2.50. It kind makes all of the hard work we put in worth it! That is awesome how many people you have onboarded. I have only gotten one who is a regular so far. I had a great Thanksgiving hanging out with @robrigo last night!

Strong, gz, nice!