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It's a beautiful Saturday in Sunny and cloudy South Florida. One of those days to take the kids out, read a book, and enjoy from what normally would be a brutally unbearable sun. Playing and picnicking with a fresh cup of coffee to start the day right. Making the coffee is simple whereas selecting the coffee bean isn't. Each one is harvested, cut, and toasted to achieve an ideal form of perfection. A few wrong choices will eventually lead to a delicious cup of instant caffeine. I'm still searing, any recommendations?

Waiting is the name of the game...

Maybe your a tea drinker, maybe your not, either way, grab your drink of choice and ponder this idea with me. Lately, I've been playing volleyball and what no longer is a surprise is the age of the players. Expect for my coed partner, most of the players are 50+ years old. They have been playing for years. Cracking jokes, mostly dirty ones, and at any given moment nagging like parents. Don't dare say or look tired in front of the old folk. They will not let you live it down nor sit down. Most of them have children, spouses, and they are so bossy!

What else is new, most of their behavior and thoughts aren't surprising. Even their desire to be young again isn't shocking. Some of them are still competing in local tournaments and winning too. They look at those, my age and younger, and see the longest future ahead. An entire lifetime to do with as they see fit. To change, to learn, to grow, and to ensure the aches and pains don't follow with age. * Do you look at those younger than you the same way?*

What if it already hurts?

The back gives out a little more often. The knees are not a fan of the runs, the jumps, the weights. The heart rate usually low has been acting up. The blood pressure holds a steady pace. Then there is the issue with weight. It comes and rarely goes. It holds on tight just in case one feels lonely. One factor never fades, the discipline of youth holds true. Never too young to train and in 15 years your body will support only what you train it for.

I see it now with these oldies playing. They were always athletic and the endurance lives on. In 15 years will your actions today support your sport?

Small steps towards old age Giant leaps for youth today!

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I like to mix vodka with my coffee 😳😂

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Vodka with coffee, not rum?

I’ll let it slide, yes you can use rum instead 😂

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You are right. A smile is one of the prettiest thing you can wear

Florida weather has been the worst lately. Super crazy hot with a crazy thunderstorm and high winds out of no where lol. I live just 10 minutes north of Disney!

As per your post now that I am in my upper 30's I feel it a bit more. Not able to do what I could in my 20's and early 30's but I am trying and striving for it with eating healthy and working out daily.

Honestly I wish they just let us use steemcells already lol