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Have you heard of a magical place called Candytopia?

This wonderful place pops up and disappears in various locations around the world. Lucky my best friend keeps a keen eye on these types of WONDERFUL adventures. Her searches didn't disappoint when she clicked on an ad that displayed what would be the sweetest of adventures.

An adventure located in the depths of Miami, inside the busiest mall, which is filled to the bream during this lovely holiday season. It takes us roughly an hour to drive to the mall, half an hour to find parking, and 15 minutes to find the 3rd-floor food court.

Getting there was equally an adventure...

Mind you, there were some very aggressive drivers fighting for parking. It should have been filmed.

Picture wild-wild west style, two cars singling for the same spot. The staredown was real. The honking wasn't silent and thankfully we didn't see any accidents.

I think they were frustrated and hungry!

Make sure you eat before going because traffic, with no parking, and an empty stomach is a terrible combination. Thankfully, we find a beautiful spot on the fourth floor and make our way in.

For roughly $36 dollars and change, yes it is pricey, you select a day and time to enter the golden gates.

Only a certain number of guests are allowed to enter. Every 30 minutes, the gates open and allow the next group in. The workers are dressed up into willy wonk type clothing checking tickets, claiming anxious hearts, and exciting the little ones. I never saw the group behind us nor the group that entered before us. We weren't rushed between each room either.

Each room is slightly themed differently. Some had swings, each room had candy sculptures, candy art, and free samples to prevent people from eating the sculptures that everyone touches. Some still try and you can see the missing pieces.

Make sure to download the app for some interesting photos...

Some rooms had flowers to smell, domes to dance, and swings to pose with. Posing is the name of the game at this place. Ideal for all, but especially for a group of women that love to have a great time. There were a ton of kids there too. But, we all know that this place was made for models wanna-be and true kids at heart.

Now I love to play, but I get so tired of taking pictures after about three or five. So, I volunteered to take them. I don't recommend this place as a date night. Go with people that don't mind taking SO MANY PICTURES.

Enough is enough, yet one must wait for the pool of marshmallow

At this point in the game, I am ready to call it quits. The girls quickly enter the pool of not so real marshmallow, but soft look-alikes. The struggle to dodge little ones and not so little ones were scary. I volunteered to stay on the outskirts and take pictures of their struggle.

Turns out my love of watching people struggle and their love of pictures worked out beautifully. I've never seen such a struggle to stand, walk, and swim through this mess. Looked less like fun and more of an unwarranted leg workout. It was hilarious.

After that, it was the mini gift shop and then the exit. It was a memorable evening and I highly recommended it. Have you gone to an event like this before?

Slowly back away from the free Candy. Quickly jump into the marshmallow pit.

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I have not and that place looks crazy!