I got two new plants again xD

in #life • 7 months ago

Hello everyonee 😊
I know, I'm getting something every day xD , but I really started to love plants

Today I got Crassula ovata - known as the "money tree", "good luck" or even "friendship tree"
It's a belief that it will bring you good life,luck and money
It's a great gift. Mine one is still small but looking forward to see her grow
Shame it doesn't grow real money xD 😅

Btw. this vase is soo cool, I love it 🥰🤩

and the second one is a smaaall orchid
My sister bought her but she failed to make her flourish, so I'm gonna try

I am very excited to see which color is she 😍
Hope you like my new plants 🌳❤
Stay safe and wish me luck 😁✌


Impressive vase that plant contain, hope you can see a very colorish plant in a short time!

Flower love😍

Really cool vase. Hey, how would you like to join the farm and garden in the @brofund server https://discord.gg/nWnUGv

Sorry , the invite is not valid anymore

That vase with the rope looks like you would be able to hang it up somehow...


yeah but i don't wanna try 🤣 don't want it to fall or something

That would be my luck too... get it in the perfect place and wake up to glass and dirt all over the floor! XD