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When you have a mobile phone it's a good thing not to use it as a tool for a certain social media platforms only. Camera, microphone & keyboard the 3 main most being used. It's undeniably latest phone now is part of the lucrative wants of this millennial era. Some have extra phones even if they just don't need it.

Talking about extra, in other religion having multiple wives is culturally acceptable provided that he can sustain and able to give needs each of the family he creates. As a Christian, we treat this as an immoral act. A sensitive issue to tackle, basic units were destructed. Fruits become rebellious & there's always lacking in their life. As they are facing the reality it could give a huge impact on socialization, behavior and unguided sheep looking for the rod. Seeing the other angle, how will you explain this little one who was a victim of poverty striving to catch a blue marlin. They are actually the people who are most successful than those spoon fed elite where all resources are given. Contrast to dream life needy want the luxurious life of rich people, while rich people who have everyTHING daydreams a simple yet happy and complete family.


Becoming an adult, money becomes a magnifier identifies who really you are. Mindsets drive to execute the animal instinct of an alpha male. This is natural as explain in science through testosterone hormonal activity. Males should discreet and must have established his control. Why not before doing that you have the red warning alarm signs foreseeing the effects and the eye of our almighty is in 24/7 open. Tons of reasons why the family were destroyed. Unending conflicts of a couple without realizing their mess and noise creates an enigma to their kids.

I don't have the perfect family life, at this time all my siblings are all professionals and have their own family. A sad story we grew up with a built-in absorbing shock that when our parents start to throw trash talks, the presence of violence heard and seen. I remember when the light of full moon beams the earth a sudden change of the mood of the alpha male of our home is present, he becomes irritable, annoyed and induced physically or emotionally violent. He was labeled as a lunatic man by our light of the home. Just last year, since we are all adult and we have a different point of views. We agreed to advised our mother to move out considering her safety. The alpha just has his financial freedom and just retired from almost 30-40 years in gov't service teaching academics and values. Yes, you heard "values" but he opts to waste his remaining life. All of my family said that we surrender his fate to almighty. Let God work for it. I can't afford to fight back violating the divine message to obey our parents no matter what. I am still thankful he contributed of who am I now but he still owes for my daughter, nephews, niece, and the next generation of our whole bloodline.

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