Can't Go Out

in #life2 years ago

Welcome to the New Normal... they said.

When you have exhausted all your options to past your time and found yourself shooting random insects and weeds.

See, even cicadas are bored. These one is an elderly but he can't go out.
He doesn't even have a face mask. How 'bout the mating season?

So shiny. There were a number of times that I stopped my urges to poke that armor.
Don't worry, in the end I release him outside. Freedom!
But I told him I wouldn't pay the fine if he was caught. Happy mating. :)

I don't really like threesomes. It's messy and most of the time very noisy.
Don't give your neighbors entertainment my dudes!
Of course, I'm talking about these ants.

Sometimes you need to do it alone.
Threesomes, Twosomes they are sometimes very chaotic.
You can find inner peace within yourself. You should thank your dominant hand...
Mr. Ant

I don't really like spiders. They are too cunning.
If you have these guys as co-workers there would always be comparisons.
Well, they can flip more patties at McDonalds.

Do not be sad that you're a late bloomer.
Most of the time you'll be the last one to fall.
Always let your friend try the mentos-coke experiment first.

Let it out. Let it out.
It's difficult to have a baby during a pandemic.
Sperm Explosion.

I'm ending this one with the most normal flower in my backyard.

It's the patola flower. Not the violet one.