Lessons Learned from 4 Years on Hive and Being in Crypto

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A few days ago I received a badge from @hivebuzz to celebrate 4 years on the Steem/Hive blockchain. My goodness time flies.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be here and blessed to be heavily involved in the crypto space overall. There are more than a few people that know about crypto because I joined the Hive community 4 years ago. There are more than a few people that are more financially stable and living their dreams.

As I pondered what to write today, I felt a few lessons I have learned would be most beneficial.

  1. Community matters.
    There are numerous friends I continue to grow with because of Hive. We communicate through traditional channels and find laughter and stimulating conversations quite often. My life is fuller because of them. On top of that, I connected with an incredible mentor because of crypto. Yes, he teaches trading principles. Yet, as he likes to say, learning to trade makes one a better person.

  2. Nobody goes broke taking profits.
    As someone who swing trades crypto and teaches others to do the same, this is a biggie for me. Since mass adoption is kicking in there are big numbers bouncing around the cryptocosm again. One thing I have learned is that it is easier to hodl and buy red candles than it is to sell the green ones. Make certain to master emotions and capture profit when you see it.

  3. Have fun
    Through the past 30+ months of the correction, I have been learned a ton about my personality. One thing is certain, I can be patient. Another thing is certain, embracing monotony matters.

I read a book recently that essentially pointed out that the folks who learn to embrace the process of success win in the end. They are the ones that don’t look for motivation so much as know monotony is essential for breaking through to the next level. Expect boredom and keep going. Find the fun and the comical moments within and bring some people along with you.

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