No Havens

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Photography in this post by yours truly from Riga, the capital of Latvia, last summer.

Processing the colossal garbage fire state of the world has not been easy. How to be in insanity? How does any of it make sense? People have not learned anything at all from their past. What a shame! A fucking tragedy! Psycho rapists with itchy trigger fingers have a special place in hell if it existed. Fuck you, you fucking monsters!


Meh. A general mehness is probably, how to describe my dark pit of a mood about most things up until lately. At least I am good at creating distractions or creative outlets to throw myself in. Currently, I obsess over the plans for this year’s garden and managed to plant a bunch of things already. It helps a lot, not going to lie. Even though, at one point I seriously questioned the point of the point I had made up for myself.


We live in such a fragile world, and while most of us strive to live our lives in peace and how we want, everything is interconnected, intertwined. We like the illusion that we will be able to create our safe havens and bubbles until one day they are brutally ripped away from us one way or another. We like to believe that everything will be alright in the end. Maybe we watch too many films, or maybe it is part of self-preservation. We need hope. I hope that everything will be alright in the end too. But will it? Has it been? Not even close. Everything’s pretty fucked, and while some don’t feel affected it is affecting and will affect us all.


So yea. It has been hard to find words about it, or anything.






I hope you are all doing well. I will be back hopefully soon with a bit more colorful post.

Song of the day: Ghost - Respite On The Spitalfields


It is deeply frustrating trying to live a productive and peaceful life, knowing that violent psychopaths and their obedient enforcers can tear it away with hardly a moment's notice. Planting seeds is good, because while they may be trampled before you can harvest, they also may not. Plans for the future need to include planning retreat avenues and long-term constructive action alike.

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if no such threatening forces existed. Everyone for themselves, you know? But as people, we always bunch up and love to play us against them games.

Only time will tell, I guess. All I have is hope. That is not much. I need to work on the backup plans and backup plans for the backup plans too.

I keep reminding myself to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, accept what is beyond my control, and make myself a better person. I'm a lot better at giving such advice than following it.

Don't worry M - we will see the flash and it will be all over soon enough :)

They are some nice photos of Riga - I have only spent a few days there a long time ago, but I enjoyed it. No picture of the "cat house" ?

Yea, that part is very clear to me. I rather be in the epicenter of it too if that were to happen.

Riga old town has some very pretty buildings. One of the parts I love about the city.

Cat house? Well, I caught one shot of it, but wasn't so sure about the angle xD


I thought you would have millions of cat house photos :D

The one thing I have learned is not to take anything for granted, and it somehow gives an extra level of gratitude and enjoyment of everything that is/has been created in contrast to that insecurity. Like the contrast between your text and these beautiful pictures.

None of this is self evident or eternal and yet for now, for our experience, it is, it exists here and now. And it's beautiful in and of itself.

..if that makes any sense.


Yea, tomorrow isn't promised anyway. It is easy to forget sometimes when all is going great.

It makes a lot of sense :)

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The things that surrounds us influence our mood. There is no peace even if you think you are in the right place. There will always be a culprit behind the scene.

Btw, I like the buildings you've shown here..nice images you have captured.