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Good evening! This summer I went on a tourist trip around the Pskov region. Most of all I liked the Svyatogorsk Monastery, it is also known as the last resting place of A. S. Pushkin. The great poet was buried here in 1837 in the family crypt. Not far from the monastery there is a beautiful park, where there is a pond in which swans and ducks swim absolutely calmly and without fear of anyone. Tourists try to feed them, but it is forbidden. If the park guards see it, they can fine you.

What a handsome man!

I didn’t even try to feed the birds, I know that bread is harmful to them, but I came closer to take a picture. This swan came ashore and began to pluck the grass. At first I thought it was a goose, but by the color of the paws and long neck I determined that it was a swan. He seemed to stand and pose on purpose.

I also saw small swans on the pond, they are still chicks, this indicates that the birds are comfortable there and from year to year they bring offspring.