Mute swan

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This time I want to share a photo of a mute swan that I took in the summer at the zoo. It’s a pity I didn’t take a picture of the sign, where about the nature of this beautiful bird, but here’s what I noticed.

The mute swan is large in size, they are the largest of the entire species. A distinctive feature from relatives is the presence of beaks and black growths, as well as raised wings.

The mute swan has a wingspan of more than two meters. When the swan turns into a danger, he raises his wings over his back, arches his neck and hisses, probably, and called them muteers because of this.

The weight of these birds is from 8 to 13 kg, but the largest mute swan lived in Poland, its weight was 23 kg, although no one saw that it flies, it is not surprising from such a weight.

There is also a legend about swan fidelity, it turns out this is a myth. Indeed, swans are present with one partner throughout their lives. But, if he dies, the second is looking for a new mate, and live in good conditions up to 70 years.

There was still information on the plates, but the most interesting remained in the memory. I don’t remember where the mute swans live, I only remember that Denmark recognized the swan as a natural symbol of the country.