Travelling To Makkum, Holland

in #life7 months ago

Yesterday I traveled from Switzerland to Makkum (Holland). I was driving, and so it was straightforward to comply with the social distancing guidelines.

The only real checkpoint was the Swiss/German border; after that, it is EU territory. Typically, from Switzerland, you drive into Germany, and no one cares. Now, of course, I was prepared for an extended checkup.

The car lane was empty, and I could pull up directly to the border officer. The border officer wanted to know my reason for traveling into Germany, so I told him: divorce, lost my house, planned to stay on the boat in Holland (it was all well documented). After making sure I looked healthy, he let me pass without much ado.

The 800 km drive was the easiest I ever had with very little traffic (official stats: -40%, but it felt like -75%), mostly lorries.


I could check into the hotel that I used several times before for the first night. The next morning, however, the owner's wife told me that she is very sorry, but she needs me to find another place to stay as her husband is afraid of getting infected. I told her not to worry, packed, and was lucky to be able to book an apartment in an empty holiday resort for a few days. It is all very tranquil and quiet: the beach, the promenade, the building.


I can only work on the boat on Saturday as, during the week, only employees are allowed to enter the yard. If all goes according to plan, the boat will be in the water on Tuesday. This give me time to read, think, write, and play the guitar.


World’s desolation is so weird to see nowadays, glad you made it through with no traffic Marius, stay safe.

It seem that the situation in Germany is not so stressful compared to other countries, or is it because you were at the border.

Being in a boat traveling the ocean is probably the best experience that anyone could ever have in this difficult time.

2020 the year of change. Liked the open road pic a lot and the S-Klasse nose(if not mistaking). Good luck with the boat and... life in general!