I don't pay taxes

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I live in the United States of America and I intentionally do not pay taxes.

I do not support the United States government, primarily because they kill a lot of people.

Additionally, I disagree with their philosophy of acting as the "world police".

For that reason I can not, in good ethics, support my government.

I love this land and I love this country... But until the government changes I can not support them.

If you are the US government, please do not kill me, or try to kill me, for expressing my right as a citizen of "free speech".

Con mucho amor ...

Fuck you Trump,

Ya boi

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If you don't pay taxes, eventually the IRS will catch up with you and you will go to jail. There are many documented cases you can find online where people have tried to avoid paying taxes, especially income tax or capital gains tax from cryptocurrency.

The conviction rate for tax evasion over 90% in the US. So, while you think you are being clever, eventually you'll be having a nice stay in hotel prison, especially if they discover you're gloating about it online. Irrespective of whether or not you believe that taxation is illegal, the IRS is an organisation you don't want to fuck with, because if they want to get you, they will.

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That is horrible.

Why do you live in the United States?
If you own property, then you pay taxes. If you purchase goods or services, then you pay taxes. If you buy food or go out to eat, you pay taxes. If you buy electricity, gas, water, or trash services, you pay taxes. If you rent an apartment, part of your rent is going to taxes. If you own and drive a car, you pay taxes. If you purchase gas to fill your vehicle, you pay taxes. You likely paid taxes on the Android device that you used to post this blog. Hell..., the internet service provider/mobile provider that you are using to write this post is charging you taxes.

Really, you should pay the last tax ever and buy a plane ticket out of the United States and be done with it.

That big part of the monetary world we live at. People even don`t realize that you said here!
They accept that for normal every thing has to be taxed.
For example-state MA
You Work for $100 day a day,
You pay 33 % on your paycheck!

And I can keep going but I will leave it for another post.

Yeah. This.

Good for you that you dont “pay taxes” , but sadly I doubt you are nearly as successful as you think in avoiding them (if you live in country).

I know I can not avoid all taxes ... but I am doing the best I can.
In reference to @socky ... I am US citizen ... something most people can not say.
With the amount of influence the US has ... I feel an obligation to every living thing on earth to do my best to make this country great again ... and stop it from furthering anthroprogenic climate change.

ha... I don't understand your sentiment but I will try. While it is rather challenging to avoid paying sales tax ... income tax is one thing I can avoid to pay.

The reason I choose not to is, in my opinion, it is the only power I have left to influence our government.
I live in Georgia where recently, a man who was Secretary of State became governor. While he was running for governor he had 100% control over his own election! The sad fact is that our government is highly corrupt, just like others, and "voting" doesn't really mean what it used to.

I vote with my dollar bill and the US will get as few of mine as possible until they change.

Yourself and other and money from taxes could help this corrupt situation i think.

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The problem here is, though the sentiment is that it is the only power you have left (though, is that to say you did, at one point, ever have such power?) the reality is your symbolic gesture is literally just that, nothing more: Symbolic.

At the end of the day, you're just saving money. Your lack of contribution does literally nothing to affect anything whatsoever. If you used your position to create a movement of a million non-taxpayers and raise awareness to your issues in question outside of a Steem post, maybe it's worth pointing out, but short of that, it just seems little more than a way to avoid doing something you don't wanna do.


I disagree completely. My lack of giving money to the govt has a concrete effect. Not only are they literally receiving a fixed amount less, i am also making, in my opinion, a strong political statement which also has a legitimate effect. Even if I was completely powerless, to believe that I was would offer no benefit

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It reminds me of Those who refuse to give up their guns because they need to protect people from the government going rogue. Every citizen in the US having their own garage full of weaponry would do basically nothing to the US government if they really wanted to take control. The only net result would be those citizens being dead.

I guess it depends on who you are making the statement to. If you are focussed on keeping it local, sure. Tell your friends and family you don't pay tax. But don't expect anyone beyond that to even flinch, unless you're a muti-billion dollars industry and I'm not aware of it.

The US collects about $3 trillion in tax per year, for perspective. $3,000,000,000,000

Lets make something very clear....

Until everyone figures out (which may never happen) that the taxation that is happening now is actually illegal and is only destroying the earth and keeping everyone in deeper slavery and then stops paying into it and supporting it, nothing will change.

Imagine if everyone stopped being willingly enslaved and said you know what, we're not paying anymore, who would be the ones to arrest people? - oh, the same law enforcement that isn't paying taxes anymore, which are taxed a crazy amount by the way. It takes people like them to stop as well and then the gov has no power over any of it. All they are doing is using us against each other for their own gain, which is actually more than just money because they have an unlimited supply of that already.. Fascinating stuff, while they're not dumb at all, they look really dumb to people that aren't so asleep.

Nothing changes until WE do...

Respect @barberocaico

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Well versed 👍

I like the sentiment regarding taxes (though I still pay mine). But why fuck Trump? What does that have to do with anything? He got us out of Syria, mostly out of Afghanistan, made peace with NK, reduced taxes, told Europe to pay up, and legalized hemp among many other things........

haha sorry for the "fuck trump" comment @tamwin33. My main disagreement with his policy was in regards to how he removed us from the paris agreement ... that is all :)

No need to apologize man! We all got opinions. I don't think the Paris Agreement would have done anything meaningful, so I disagree with you, but that's alright. Always good to hear the other side.. Just as long as that other side hates taxes too lol

You are not hearing the other side of the story. You bought into the Trump is doing great koolaid unfortunately. Some things he did are good for the world, like getting troops out of Syria and pulling out of TPP. Concerning the made peace with NK, that should be attributed to south korean president, moon, not him. But there's a laundry list of really really terrible crap he did, that no person would ever back, if you actually know about them. I heard the US tax break benefits mostly went to the super rich anyway, and that hardly benefited the average working people. I'm no US citizen though so it's not my place to say whether it has benefited people in massive ways though. Additionally, I heard about 90000 jobs were shipped abroad under him. It's good for non-US citizens, but is that good for the average US citizen? You tell me.

One of my biggest gripe is his ties to Saudi Arabia, and his pretty rampant level of corruption. (Did you know that a lobbyist from Saudi Arabia bought him 500 hotel rooms following his election?) That was a clear attempt in buying support from him, and it's clearly paying off according to latest news.

Maybe if Trump had the balls and stop supplying them, weapons to kill Yemeni children, then he'll have my respect much more, but at the moment, he's someone who barks a lot, but has little backbone to follow through.

Put of Syria and Afghanista? Peace with NK?
Check again today 😀😀

Maybe because he is playing world police in Iran and North Korea instead =D

Fuck the government 💀

Do you whink that this post is worth $100?

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Lol why the hate?? @fbslo

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I feel “citizen” as synonym for “subservient”... isn’t it?

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haha feel and know are often different but in this case I think you are right

I can fully understand you. Many Germany, which I know, they have a company registered in some countries in USA, to pay not taxes in Germany...

yes it is common. I hope that things continue changing for the better :)

If you spend some money or help for the common good, why bother paying taxes?

Until more people wake up to the fact that government and authority is not real and that they don't have to obey many people will pay taxes out of self preservation. They don't want to be put in prison. But when enough people wake up and chose not to obey we can be free. There is no need of any government. No master plan is going to work for everyone.

Yes I totally agree. I hope that people remember how powerful we are. Sorry but not sorry :)

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In 1913 Congress, President and the Supreme Court passed an Amendment to the Constitution authorizing taxing an Individual's income. Although it did not begin taking out the tax until later this was the year it was Authorized. Our Constitution also states "There will be NO taxation without Representation". I do not believe that anyone alive today EVER voted to approve this Federal Income Tax that we currently pay. The "Internal Revenue Service" was NEVER adopted to function within the Mainland United States as it exists today. It was, although, allowed to act autonomously in the U.S. Territory (I believe) Marshal Islands. Contrary to popular belief, it IS NOT a policing agency. It's agents are not sworn officers of any part of our Government therefore NOT authorized to enforce ANY laws. Being to old, I would be useless to begin a "Do Not Pay" your tax movement.
Our federal Government used to work during the year. Their largest money maker was the "Army Corps of Engineers" that would design Roads, Bridges, Train Routes and Tunnels and the Levies that guard our rivers against flooding. Nowadays our Government is more interested in stealing your money and your parents retirement in the form of Social Security. It is the only pool of money within the Federal Guidelines that has a surplus EVERY YEAR and our Government wants it. They never, however, talk about stopping the deduction from your salary.

thank you for the detailed answer @mitch95541

You are right and I think it is your right of "freedom of speech" to express your feelings. If the government is doing anything wrong then it's the responsibility of citizens to criticize it. well, done boy.

Thank you sir!

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That`s precise my thoughts from your keyboard!

Well but tax makes economy of countary stable

No it doesn't. At all. Taxation destroys economies and makes them unstable to the point of rebellion. Look at France right now. The income tax is actually illegal in the US because of this, but the government doesn't care. They want more money to give to their friends.

Right on my friend!

Most taxes go to pay interest on the debt owed to central banks. They don't serve any other purpose.

Yeah, this is a FACT!

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Not many people are familiar with how the system works!

But IRS though ?

I most likely will actually file my taxes ... there are so many loopholes that (especially this year) I can legally claim no taxable income.
In addition to that, the worst thing that can happen, as long as I don't commit tax fraud or evasion, is an increasing IRS bill.
While they could attempt to levy wages or suit me for assets, those are things I do not have.
Sorry IRS.

PS: if anyone knows tax law better than me, please step in and correct me

I have a feeling the government will soon be paying for your room and board mr tax avoid er with possible free bum rape too. In my country they would just go after all your money but the USA sends all sorts of people to prison for not paying.

I am confident in the my ability to remain free.
BUT ... we will have to wait to see. Please don't wish bad vibes on me :)

Why do you live in the United States if you don't support its government? Just move. No one is stopping you.

This is clearly what I would call sensationalism, the original poster does nothing to demonstrate how he "doesn't pay taxes" he merely makes anti-united-states comments to get emotions heated up and gain votes. Put some details in your post and demonstrate how you are "not paying taxes" without risking fines and/or imprisonment for doing such.

I don't pay taxes by not paying taxes.
I am at risk of fines.
I am not at risk of imprisonment.
I have not committed tax fraud nor have I committed tax evasion.
In the last year I made less than $12,000 USD.

The law says that it is a misdemeanor offense to not file taxes. It is punishable by up to 1 year in prison and a fine of no more than $25,000.

I am comfortable with that potential scenario arising.

Also, I plan to implement legal tax avoidance strategies to negate an obligations I may have in the future to pay taxes.

Thank you @cheeseheadnate for making sure I back my shit up ... I believe, as of now it has been backed.

Haha did crypto help you with that

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Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @metama
BuildTeam wishes everyone a great Christmas and bullish Holidays
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How do you stay out of jail? I agree with your sentiment, but I pay all my taxes because I'd rather not be put in prison for a long time. There are ways to legally work around taxes for the most part but there is a lot of learning to be done there. Again, I'd like to know how long you have refrained from paying taxes and how you have stayed out of jail, thanks.

it's not illegal to not pay taxes!
From CNBC "Here's what happens if you don't pay taxes"

It's time to get serious about standing up for what we know is right ... and putting our money where our mouths are.

I haven't paid/filed for two years 2017 and 2018. I actually am considering filing for this year (made less than $10,000).

I think, if possible, if you can file and not pay taxes it is better than not filing.
But either way, I am not paying taxes until the government stops spending so much money on the military and starts working to reverse climate change.


I don't see in that CNBC article where it says it's okay to not pay taxes, though. They list the consequences, which include hefty fines and potential tax liens or seizure of property. There can be jail time as well. I'm not sure how you interpret that as saying there's no consequence?

If you are interested in what's happening with the climate, I highly recommend the following resource: https://geoengineeringwatch.org .

ha no I don't see this as consequence less ;however, I am confident of two things:
1: I do not have to pay taxes for 2018 (under income limit) and using proper tax avoidance strategies can legally never pay taxes again.
2: If I was sent to prison I have a good chance of not dying.

I don't want to go to jail, but I can't live in a country where our elections are sabotaged, we have a police state, and we are actively progressing climate change.

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Taxes dont just go to fund questionable things a lot of good can come out of tax money! Please pay your taxes!

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No thank you. I can't in good conscience do so because my tax dollars are spent ( to some extent) killing others. I can not, and will not do that.

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Who have they killed?

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I also think it's really bad that many people are killed. And besides, I am absolutely against the death penalty. But I would pay the tax. Pleeeace. You can also defend yourself inside and what you do not like, think it. You will not be able to change this in this way. But maybe, I do not know, you are so endangered. Only a strong, free person can change situations a bit. Be it, but do not endanger yourself.

thank you for the advice

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If you are not paying taxes then you are not eligible also for benefits given by the government?

lol in this case not true ... I understand the point. I want to pay taxes, just can not in good conscience do so when I know that $.50 of each dollar goes to buying guns

Why not renounce citizenship? Why stay a US citizen?

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I totally get it. They are crooks and killers...other countries too.

If you are the US government, please do not kill me, or try to kill me, for expressing my right as a citizen of "free speech".
You're very funny 😂.

Why don't you consider renouncing US citizenship? Why stay a citizen of a country which you don't want to pay taxes to?

Come live here in Berlin, I don't agree where ALL of my taxes are going but I'd say Germany is involved "less" in shit I don't wanna support.

Technically, you are still paying taxes.

Some stuff you buy, food you eat, so on and so forth have taxes!

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