Fowers Time - Mock Orange :D

in #life4 years ago

Photos of Mock orange are the case when looking at them you regret the impossibility to feel the wonderful aroma.


But now is the perfect moment.


You can just leave the house and the smell of Mock orange envelops.


Wonderful time!


Wow... Were those photographs taken by you? The flowers look so beautiful I can almost feel their smell haha. I don't know why, but white flowers always smell better, don't you think?

Anyway, great post, great photos. Upvoted, my friend!

Thank you very much for your pleasant comment! Yes, these pictures were taken by me and I am glad that they create a positive impression. I never analyzed before, but probably you are right concerning the smell of white flowers. Cheers :D

The photos are just amazing !!!!

Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment :D