I'm Gonna Talk About...

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A friend who betrayed his friend...
A lover who betrayed his lover...
A close friend who became a stranger...

No, no, no I Decided not to talk about those people and I will say these are a life lessons and I'm gonna learn from those lessons, and I'm gonna stay the same person and I'm not gonna let others influence me or the way I think or act.

Who of us hadn't experienced both situations whether he/she is the doer or he/she is the provoked?

When it rains, sunshine fade away but we know that when it stops it will shine again, stay positive better days
are yet to come.
That is the way you should live it because life goes on, and you will find someone who cares for you, you will find
someone to love again, you will find a better friend than the old ones, and keep in mind that those lessons are a
life experience, when time passes you will look back and smile for what you had been through and smile even
more for what you have became.

10 Things to put in mind:

  1. We are the ones who make life worth living not people around us.

  2. Don't put your happiness in people's hand, because eventually people disappear except few so don't take the risk.

  3. Don't OVERTHINK

  4. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

  5. Forgive more.

  6. Help others and you will feel the happiness.

  7. Stay positive.

  8. Don't expect or don't picture it in your head of how it supposed to be let things be as it should be.

  9. Live today and don't think about tomorrow .

  10. Most Importantly know that we live in Dunya its an Arabic word which means the world in English and the definition of this world in Arabic is the bottom we live in the bottom and everything else is up above God is up, Heaven is up, even HELL is Up above Dunya. I'm a believer who believes in God and in the after life as I know too that we live in a place that is DESIGNED!! to break our hearts and for anyone here who thought that this place is a beautiful place to live in I'm sorry you are in the wrong place, you will always seek happiness even if you achieve what you want you will seek more that is our nature, and here comes the test for who will succeed in this world and pass the test.

See you next time..


Great Advice!
I wish people just listen :)

Thanks hosso for the support :)

Take note dear friend.
I have gotten to a stage in life as a man and as well as an enterprenural that, their is "No PARMANENT FRIEND NOR CONSTANT ENEMY". Once you have that behind whatever you doing(i.e not relenting on someone's promises) you wouldn't be caught off gaurd because you haven't loose gaurd yourself.
Treat people well, you will surely be treated well.
Good morning all.

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