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The mother is a word with great words and meanings, bearing the meaning of fulfillment and compassion, and bearing tenderness and generosity, and expressing all beautiful things missed by all those who lost his mother or did not feel the meaning of motherhood: my mother is Unable to speak tongue, mind and thinking, To accept me this word, I love you Mom. My mother, spring of tenderness, O voice of the ears, a light that steals me from amongst the friends, among the lights of cities, from the airports of capitals, echoing the melody of nostalgia and the song of return. My beloved mother has given you a drop from the bay, a flower from the orchard, and words of love from my cheerful heart, God save you, Mom. My Mother You are the fragrance of paradise and its fragrance, and you are a flower that grows in the valley, and you candle lit my earth with good and blessing. My beloved mother You are the light that shines my life, and the spring from which I draw love and affection. You are the mother who is referred to as the son, and is proud of her among the eyes. Congratulations to me, O Great Mother. You are a word in a book you mean and its content, O moon of an derby, O Star shining in the sky, O Pearl of the Sea, O Reed posted a good in the horizon and sang it. My beloved mother, I give these words to you, who are you more precious than myself, which is between my wings, and I love me from my spirit, which is in my body? And his aches. My mother in my chest chokes words, and in the eyes of thousands of phrases, accept me salute and God peace. My dear mother, I send you bouquets of my love and respect and words emanating from my heart, although the ink of my pen can not express my feelings towards you, my feelings are bigger than the lines on paper, but I can only pray to God Almighty to keep you an asset to us, and not deprive us springs of love and love. My mother is ashamed to speak before you from where to start my craftsman, my nose fills my legs, a moon shines in my skies, O one who enjoins Allah to be righteous and kind to her, who made God the immortal under her feet, Who wish me the good of success and success and progress I send you my loveful and respectful transcripts, accompanied by the most authentic invitations. My mother, if you ask me to give you my life, Mali and I are all yours. My beloved mother, you who give without charge, I will meet your tenderness to be good at you and think my dear father, and be a cow of an eye for you. Mom, you are far from the heart wounded, when you come back and rejoice hearts? O sweetheart of the heart, and the owner of the merciful chest, it is permissible to describe this tenderness and compassion, it is possible to see a breast on me from your chest dear 

mother, I advise you heart if you want. My mother You are like me in life, from you alone I learned how to be a human being. My mother, in your absence, the word is unable to destroy it, and in your ignorance, the moon embraces her, in your voice warmth and in my veins. My mother is my heart for your presence and joy and dance, my mother is the most beautiful smile, my mother What is the most wonderful education, my mother overcame the full moon when shining at night among the stars in magic, my mother to you Kiss I miss her between the two eyes with the star. My mother thanks for making me your life princess, for my return between arms a little girl, I wish to be worthy of this tender. My mother, no matter how much I did, and whatever I tried to offer you, I will not give you your right, so accept me my love and appreciation and kiss it on your hands. My mother is the most beautiful word spoken by my tongue, and the nicest heart I have lived in my life, I can not imagine my life without you and I will love you and respect you for life .. I love you Mom. When I smile, I feel that all the world around me is wonderful and beautiful, and that happiness and good are all over the world, so Farib does not make a smile never break her lips. To what I have sacrificed the cup of bitter sorrow, to make me happy for the sake of life, to the living memory in my heart, to the sun that illuminated my heart, to the one I see through the beautiful beauty of the universe and Its lute, Whenever the world narrowed me, and the danger took me, to my moon, which is not lost, and my sun which never ceases, from which spirit my soul embraces the eternal, to my most precious and precious creature, to my Precious mother. My beloved mother You are the light that shines my life, and the spring from which I draw love and affection, I love you my mother. My mother, I pray to God every night to take my age and prolong your age, and keep in health and wellness I do not forget anything of you. There is no pillow in the world softer than the mother's bosom. My mother is the greatest of words, once I utter them, and I feel overwhelmed by shyness, low head, reverence, respect and respect. A word of thanks my mom wh


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Nobody can replace your mother... Every mother is great ! hats off to them..Nice post :)

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Wonderful. Hopefully my children will feel the same.