Wisdom of Peace.

in #life3 years ago (edited)

let us start the brand new day with the grace of his love.

don't let anyone bring you down, be strong don't even say no when times people need your help.


stay strong when times are not ok.

don't talk trash head-on people who are negatively environment.

stay positive and calm.

walking on the valley of death, you shall not feel evil coz the lord presence is in you.

protect yourself from wrong information feeds in your walls.

stay informative,

keep your faith alive and strong

don't evil things consume your ways, do what is right,

keep your thoughts holy,

let the light shines upon your journey.

speak on the goodness of the lords glory.

your enemies want to drag you down,

they will always attempt to corrupt your mind.

but standstill, the lord spirit is always with you,

the Lord's way will guide your path on your journey.

stay on the lord's protection,

you will be safe.

you are the lords soldier and he is your general in command.

let his teaching and wisdom will be your foundation

seek his face, seek his kingdom,

seek his words, seek his holy presence.


#corona virus

My friend, this is a difficult time,

people are getting sick and dying.

too many lives are going to waste.

many front liners are infected with this kind of disease.

this global epidemic that the economy of all nations are down.

the virus corona is the unseen enemy,

but the only way to see it is by technology.

but in the eyes of humans, cannot.

the only way to destroy this virus is with the vaccine.

but the creator of the heavens and earth has the control of everything, the lord will show the way


to the right anti-viral injection that will end on this epidemic.


thanks and keep safe everyone.