A busy day at work

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Today early morning one of my office colleagues called up to check with me if I was going to be in office for the day. I work on consulting basis with them so I do not go on a daily basis nor on any fixed timings. So whenever there is something urgent to attend I do make it a point to accommodate even last minute requests. They had to fill up a Sustainability survey and for that the team needed my help. Normally my office day starts at 10 but today we had an early start by 8 a.m. in office.

When I reached office they had already started and I joined them. It was a long survey around sustainability. This is a common thing with all the companies in today's time. Everyone is focusing on it. Companies develop strategies for sustainability by setting targets for carbon emission reductions. They need to work on recycling their waste and bio-based materials, save on energy consumption in whatever way they can. Working on sourcing CO2 neutral energy, waste monitoring, waste treatments, water usage, transportation, procurement, everything is monitored.


In a country like Oman it is very difficult to work on these initiatives which the clients from other countries fail to understand. It is possibly the problem with whole of GCC where some of the resources are abundantly available and hence the option of other alternatives to reduce GHG emissions has not yet been implemented on a larger scale in these places. But to think of it, it's the need of the hour even in places where there are abundant resources, because in a matter of few years even these countries may start facing scarcity.

In the GCC countries, usage of electricity is very liberal, in general people are not mindful about the usage because the electricity bills are much cheaper compared to so many other countries. Even the usage of petrol vehicles is very free over here. In India we have diesel and CNG vehicles also but here these options are not there. People are actually living in luxury in these places by paying affordable prices for resources which are highly priced in major parts of the world.

While filling up the survey we realized that there is so much that we can do towards this area. We have been taking some steps within our factory but there is still lot of scope for improvement. Our target for 2024 is going to be around this only. We will be working on reducing our carbon footprint irrespective of whether we are being monitored or not.

Finally by mid-day we finished the survey and also had a good level of learning and understanding on the topic of sustainability.

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I would love to visit this place "GCC" cos of the low cost of things. Here in Nigeria we are really experiencing very high cost of things here esp the fuel, it's very high to the extent most people have drop thier vehicles at home and prefer to trek to whr they are going .

Glad to read from you today

Here, almost every person has a car, it is so much of a necessity because we do not even have a good public transport system. We have a few buses that run mostly on the highways. Else there are Taxis which become super expensive, so a car is a must, at least one per family

That's really good good

I can imagine how much time the survey took for you to post about the busy day but I’m glad because I learnt something from it
I learnt about GCC and I’d still make more research

There is a always a good amount of learning from these surveys, they broaden our horizon

Although they tend to sound simple, research and survey are always a stressful task even if it's online because one have to pay attention to everything they worked on in order to be able to compare certain facts.

I remember when I went on a market survey about cost of some art materials, I was exhausted because of stress.
More grace to you

You are right, they are time consuming and sometimes stressful also and then the scoring part always gets on my nerves

It’s morning over here
Wishing you a blissful new day

Yeah GCC countries abound in Fossil fuel. Hence using of it naturally be very affordable. Surveying emition of carbon in different forms in Oman must be a tough task.

It's good to know about your profession Naina ji.

It is because there is not much awareness also.

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