One life to live, Real Life is hardcore

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The Role-Playing Game is a type of fantasy world which you are choosing your own virtual character to be used in an adventure. When you are playing RPG, no one is exempted from losing their life. Though the character’s main goal is to defeat the enemy, he must also protect his health points. It is necessary to move on the next round and it will increase the level of the character. Logically speaking, it is impossible to fight the other opponents if you are already dead. We all know that when the health points are higher, the possibility of surviving the game until the end is more likely to happen.

The health points are reducing every time that a character is being attacked extensively. It can be usually seen in either a numerical value or health bar. This bar is typically in red each time it indicates that the character is at risk and health points are near to zero. There are many factors that can help to prolong the character’s life such as buying food and health potions to replenish the energy, an armor to increase his defense, and weapon to kill the enemies quickly. It is important to use a high-quality weapon to cause a higher damage to them. In every game, you have to do everything to keep yourself alive.

If you rush in the battleground without the proper tactics, the tendency of losing is very high. Preparedness must not be taken for granted such as observing the numbers of the enemies, weaknesses, and even their rank. You must also know the types of opponents that can help you decide how to defeat them smartly. For an instance, you need to strengthen your magic resistance if the enemy is a magic user. If it’s obvious that you have no match to certain enemies, it is better to avoid them for a while. Focus on how to increase the chances of winning by leveling up your character until you are ready to face them again. A wise man is better than a strong one who doesn’t use his head to think sharply.

As a human being, we have to take good care of ourselves and do whatever it takes to survive the battle of life.

Mortality is the harsh truth that we must face, no one is exempted from this kind of fate. Our main goal is to succeed in our career that leads to ignoring the most essential ingredient for survival, our health. As an aggressive student who has a passion for learning, he will not hesitate to spend sleepless nights just to master the lessons and be on top of the classes. On the other hand, if someone is a dedicated employee, an excessive workload can traumatize the body. There’s nothing wrong with being hardworking citizens but we must remember that life is too precious to be wasted and abused.

Just like in RPG, our health is decreasing if we let our ambitions to control us. Our health bar is not those printed on the screen, the body itself is giving the signal if it’s overfatigue. Bear in mind that these warnings are useless if we don’t act accordingly, save yourself or else your journey will be a game over. A long adventure needs an extraordinary strength and power to continue the race. In order to achieve it, we must eat the balanced diet of perceptions, an armor of knowledge, and the sword of wisdom. Be like a soldier with a courageous heart who never surrender and an innocent child who never let his tummy suffer. Keep on fighting but always learn to take a rest and feed yourself until the battery is fully charged.

Never rush the things around you, let your soul savor the sweet taste of life. The decisions that you will make can absolutely bring a great impact to your ongoing voyage. Always try to look beneath the iceberg because living is not just about breathing, it is the fearlessness to accept a hard fall but standing up again with dignity. You are the RPG player in your own world so let your character shine brighter than any kinds of hindrances. Don’t let the difficult situations to restrain you from entering the next level, victory is just waiting for you. The combat zone is a tough road but you are unstoppable and limitless.

Life is a hard game, show them how you play.