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I have approximately 4 months to make 2 major life decisions. Within this timeframe a lot has to happen to see my ambitous projects come to fruition. I wish I could speak clearly on these things, but these days I am becoming increasingly careful about the information I share about my personal life, and these issues does not involve just myself.

One of the two things I am planning has a 6 weeks timeline. I did not think it would happen this quick but I cannot commence my other plan if I do not sort this out. This happens to be a very huge step in my life. Ordinarily, I would have preferred I had the time and resource to make things happen the way I have d reamt it would, but thankful those involved in this process have been very understanding--beyond my expectations.

To be frank, I am just winging it at this point. That adds to the pressure and anxiety I feel. I am never comfortable just going with the flow of things. I prefer to see the beginning and end of a thing before trying it out.

Nevertheless, I am also excited about the prospects of what is to occur. I might not have everything figured out but I am trusting God for the very best. My life is about to change--for the better. I am about to have everything I have ever wanted.

I am sorry I am being too vague. However, if you follow me on inLeo thread you probably have an inkling about what I am talking about. Also, to those who have been supporting this account and helping (directly or indirectly), I appreciate you guys.

I mentioned last week that once I achieve my goal, I am going to buy back every hive I have earned and stake it indefinitely as my way of giving back to the community. This space has been a beckon of light to me and my family. I will never forget all the amazing people and communities who have supported me.

It has been a very long and hectic day for me, so I will end it here. Cheers!


Congratulations to you in advance brother, I am happy that you are about to make your dream a reality, this is one of the beautiful piece I have read today, thanks you for sharing. 🥰🤗

Achieving someone's dream makes the heart joyful, yeah